Swish - A Basketball Story (Update 25Feb2018) First romance options!

Hey im creating this topic for a idea/side project I’ve been currently doing when not working on Animus. Currently I am enjoying both and trying to decide where to place my time based on what the community wants. I love Basketball and really want to write a game about it, but can’t decide if i should do it now or not.

Below is some basic information. I wrote a little, yet not enough to show . Please give any feedback you have!


Swish is a story set in parallel universe where the NBA and Basketball in general is co-ed.

Your story starts when your 3. You pick up a ball while at a family reunion and even being little you take to it like a fish in water. Growing and evolving your game through your early years you are star in your little community, and no is surprised when you make varsity as a freshman.

Alas even being a star basketball player can’t make everything go your way. The next four years you have to balance increasing your ball skills, academics, and a budding social life! Is there really enough time in the day to pursue you dream of playing in the NBA? Will you ever find love? Will your mom stop yelling in the stands? These and more are all the things you’ll have to answer during your high school life.

  • Choose to be either a Girl or a Boy.

  • Romance all genders no need to limit yourself! Be true to you feelings!

  • A in-depth (still learning xD) skill system. These will include Basketball skills such as Shooting, Dribbling, Steals, Etc. A stat system will cover your Academic, Social, Fame, and Family life.

  • Very moving story with comedy, tragedy, and of course a legendary tale of you fame!

  • Multiple endings! Now are bad ending at least to me, but some are realistic or downright sad. I choose to do
    this because I want to really create a emotional story, as well a fun adventure!

*Multi-part. I plan to do one for high school, college, and NBA if people enjoy it.

  • Your sister Lacey. She has been there since day one…literally. She has been a constant help in all aspects of life. While most complain about there siblings you have been lucky to have a great one. Whether its your social life or academic skills shes got the knowledge, and is willing to share.

  • Best friends Ash and Ace. They are twins you meet on your path to greatness. One is fellow basketball player, the other is like your own personal cheerleader, besides the fact that she hates cheerleaders.

  • Your Rival. I have a idea about this character, but haven’t flushed it out enough to give more then the idea that there is one.

25 Jan 2018 Made a small demo.

26 Jan 2018 Updated demo. Now able to choose name and start stat creation. Stats now have a text and number variable. Not even close to finished with the prologue and I’m sitting at nearly 1400 words excluding commands! Progress is going smooth.

28 Jan 2018 Updated demo. Now includes start of relationships. First basketball game. Im now sitting at nearly 6k words including code. I’ve still got a lot left with the prologue!

11 Feb 2018 Updated demo with finished prologue. Its now at 10k words which made me pleased.

25 Feb 2018 Updated demo. Its now at about 19k and has RO interactions. All is subject to editing and addtions. There is still one more RO. Poll on post 105

Demo: https://dashingdon.com/go/2230


I suggest an ending where you join the Haarlem Globetrotters. Or maybe the Generals if you can’t play well enough for the Globetrotters or are more inclined to be a Heel.


I feel like this thread needs to be placed under WIP category even though you’re not focusing on it.

May I? :open_hands:t4:


Sure didn’t know if i should or not. Should I edit title to WIP?

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That would be a fun option to through into second game, when your in college and decide you future. Might be nice little change if you don’t want to join NBA.

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Not the title the tags… It was writing and content category…


Yeah still learning where to place topics. I assumed since I had’n’t officially started on it that I shouldn’t put it there .

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Nah, that’s fine. I’ll do it myself.

Besides, putting it under WIP category may attract more attention to this one :point_up:t4:

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@szaal Thanks prob owrks anyway as im playing with the idea right now actually. So def glad it got moved.

Now onto the playing around part lol. Im trying to get my code to work but it says bad label for line 4. Not sure why though. sho.ws all same indent on CSIDE but not when i pasted

Solved…I am a idiot took me so long to see i put wrong word. It works now thank goodness.

*temp dribbling_text ""
*if (dribbling < 3)
    *set dribbling_text "Look mom both hands!"
--->    *goto dribbling
*elseif (dribbling < 6 )
    *set dribbling_text "Better not blink!"
    *goto chart
    *set dribbling_text "Ankle Breaker"
    *goto chart

*label chart
    text dribbling_text Dribbling Level

At some point, insert the Choice- Spin the Ball on your finger. If you have high Dribbling, Agility, Flair, whatever your preferred Stats, this earns bonuses to all of them. Otherwise it creates potential losses (rival gets the Ball, you have to snatch it away quickly or miss a shot, teammates lose Relations as they wonder what the hell is wrong with you).

Is there going to be gambling in this game? That can create several interesting scenarios, particularly if there’s a Bookie pal or Romance Option.


@achtungnight hadnt thought about gambling yet, but itd be perfect for the second game. I could squeeze it into the first, but id make it were the MC just started doing it. If you get away with it or keep doing it, then it affects your college career.

I’m,going to have A LOT of stats in the game at, least compared to the other one in working on. You will have to really know your character and his/her skills.

Ill definitely be throwing in the show off moves. So look forward to seeing that spin!

Glad you’re doing show off moves. I hope for a Slam Dunk ala Jordan, passing, swishing, etc.

If you plan a series, make sure to establish characters early on and keep them coming back. Maybe a pair of possible sponsors- the Good Coach and the Rich Kid (Bookie) you can cozy up with. Getting Good Relations with one means you must reject the other. Maybe the Coach works on your Skills more with you while the Bookie gives you more cash to live a glamorous lifestyle (and possibly hire trainers who can sub for the Coach, just not as well). To make it more interesting, your rival goes for the other sponsor and maybe a teammate is tempted by them at some point too. The sponsor you don’t pick later returns as a powerful enemy in the second game- or possibly at a climax in the first.

There can also be minor characters connected to each. The Coach’s son or daughter can be your teammate, or possibly the team technical assistant since they’re not really into basketball. Be friends with them for bonuses to Flair and other things- this can work whether or not you are friends with their parent too. There can also be a kid reporter searching for dirt on the Bookie or the Coach- this can create an interesting relationship as you help them spy and write stories on their target and you in the way you prefer. The Bookie should have a goon too- a soldier villain to back up his money. Maybe someone like Mohawk from that old 80s arcade basketball game Arch Rivals? All these characters can be possible recurring friends, enemies, or even Romance Options.

I may not have time for too many more suggestions, but good luck whatever you do.


Awesome ideas I really want to bring characters to life so ill def be having recurring people showing up. You got a lot of good content ideas there and I might very well implement some of them. Right not the biggest issue is getting past the stat creation lol.

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I have been waiting for someone to do something like this


this Game would be so awesome, I would try to make my MC a lot like my favorite basketball ball player My dude Russell Westbrook🐐


Basketball,ok I’m in.I want to remake AI and get him a ring :disappointed_relieved:

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Always like a sport sim, but a twin sister and a close friend as main characters doesn’t it sound a bit too much like the NBA 2k game spike Lee ruined.


Love this idea hope i get to see it come to fruishon

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wow, finally!!! i have been waiting for this!!

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@Christian02. @Shin_Lee I love basketball and have always wanted to write something about it,and HG is a great stage!

@Dloading. @wolfmarelalala Heck yes! Both great players, its be awesome to make a character after them! Love me some AI.

I want to implement a character design stat. Like height and appearance, that way you can have a way to create a position type of MC.

@jagatk Very goos point! I,might change it to just your sister, tounger or older. I do,need this in,place as it has great effect on the story and leads to some of the more emotional scenes in the game.

@Jacob_Asher I’m sure going to try! I’m,very new to CS and its very stat heavy so I know it won’t be easy.