Extreme Ball

Alright here it is! Finally completed the freshman year of Extreme Ball. This is just the first year of your Extreme Ball career, the plan was originally to follow your career up to 15 years in the Pro League but, just this chapter/year alone is 37,000+ words, so I was thinking of splitting it up into Extreme Ball: Highschool Years, Extreme Ball: College Years, and Extreme Ball: Pro Years.

There’s still some polishing to do on this one, I plan on making the social interactions more in depth etc. Plus this is my first game using stat checks really. Feedback is always welcome, the good and the bad. Unfortunately two of the images was making the game crash and quite frankly that can be fixed later.

To play the demo, go here: https://dashingdon.com/go/8521



Wow thought I wouldn’t be first lol
Wanted to say I enjoyed it it really has great potential. Far as numbers go they seemed to work alright on my playthrough but I did notice other things that were off? Sorry hard to focus right now with health stuff will try to find instances in a new playthrough to help Pin point the exact spots.
Yet it didn’t take away from the play to badly it was more in the social and romance areas from what I recall. The games themselves had me hooked and wanting to have a save feature so could try out the different things to see what would change hehe
Oh oh I have a theory about that one player but not sure if I should say terrible at doing the hide spoiler thing have yet to figure that out. Lol

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Thanks. I know some paragraphs may have gotten chunky due to the stat checks. The start was supposed to have a cover image and it didn’t work even after resizing it so I want to redo how it even looks by either figuring out the issue with the image or just making it look better. The save function is a little over my head unfortunately, it’s something I need to learn though. Not sure on how to do the spoiler thing, but you can message me.

Sorry you are having health issues :pensive:

I’ve already received some great feedback from people. Already working on adding material (especially social interactions) some of the characters personalities didn’t really speak to me until further along in the storyline. Hopefully an update within the next few days. I’m also going to try to work on some other projects as well.

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No matter what you invest in, getting hit on the second play results in injury. Why have a durability attribute?

For later on. That’s part of the story.

Does the injury also happen regardless of the chosen play?

In game one you can receive a non career ending injury. Depending on your stats you may or may not receive the injury. In game two you will get a concussion regardless. Depending on choices you made it can lead to a career ending injury. So far those are the only two injuries you can receive.

The non career ending injury can be avoided and I didn’t make it impossible to avoid the first one… Just hard. I’m currently adding some more material now so it will make it a little easier.

For context, I picked strength and ability to take a hit, which seemed to be the highest I could get durability, so if that wasn’t enough to resist it, I think the bar is too high.

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Take the hit won’t result in an injury. You get taken down no matter what. It’s your first game as a freshman. The next play can result in the injury. There are several stats that can translate to being checked. Running plays could be Ball Carry/Strength/Evasion/Speed. If you are attempting to receive a pass there are a couple of stats that could be checked, Speed/Catch/ Carry, mainly. If you are throwing the ball Throw Power/Throw Accuracy are being checked but if there is an option (which is later on) to get passed defenders any one (or two) stats mentioned for the running plays will be checked.

The highest stat percentage being checked that early on is 60 I’ll double check. If I need to once I get to a spot where it won’t effect storyline I’ll update what I have now. It’ll help reach the stat check mark.

Also what’s your weight at?

Still more work to be done but…
Just updated now

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My durability was 62, and I chose go for EZ. My weight was 210

Durability isn’t being checked there.

Updated again: added some more social interactions (I think since the last time) as well as fixed some minor issues others pointed out or I discovered myself.

I have not gotten to summer break activities as of yet. It is called a WIP for a reason :rofl: thanks everyone for the feedback. I think I got a good chunk of the grammatical/sentence issues fixed.

I would like to know what everyone’s relationship percentage is, with Ramirez after the Divisional game and before the birthday party.

I’m trying to make certain aspects of the game difficult but not impossible and I’m wondering if I need to alter that stat or not.

I love how this is going. :heart::heart: Also, I was wondering, will there be any romance throughout the story?

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Yes, I have a little bit for certain characters so far. I’m working on building up the social interactions, some of the characters personalities didn’t come to me until later on in the writing process. Unless there’s a bunch of issues found after this latest update, I will be working on a summer break portion. It will be mostly for social interactions and some skill building. Mike will be romanceable, just a hard shell to crack since, if you have the interaction he reveals he is just wanting to play the field. All NPCs (the ones with relationship bars) are romanceable.

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So far I think it’s by far one of the better games on here the only thing that I feel you should work on is probably things like conversations between the reader and characters also add more towards scenes outside of the field because it feels like the school life is pretty lake luster. If I were you I’d try to find inspiration from community college hero so that it could feel more immersive towards the reader. One more thing I’ve tried about three times but honestly I can not win the divisional game they keep just barely beating me is it even possible😂

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Thanks for the feedback. Im currently working on areas for more in depth social interactions. Like I previously stated, some of the characters personalities didn’t really come to me until further along in the writing process. I had a general idea, but social interactions are fairly easy to go back and rehash, especially when I know what their personalities will be more like.

It should be possible for you to win the Divisional game, it is just VERY difficult. For most of the stat checks the golden number is 65, I won’t spoil what stats are actually being checked though :wink: Speed can be checked for run plays and even passing plays. Catching is checked specifically for when the ball is being passed in your direction (offense or defense) evasion and ball carrying both can be checked for run plays, as well as strength.

Throw power and accuracy can either have one being checked or both for your pass plays. Kick accuracy and power also for kick attempts. Strength can be checked when you are defense as well. Durability is mainly checked in either the Divisional or State game, I just got home and don’t have my laptop booted up yet. Mainly just to sit you out if it is below a certain level for the third quarter.

I try to make all the stat checks different each playable game so it isn’t so repetitive. So if a play works one game it may not work the next. I have it to where most of the games you do play are close games (or should be) to add suspense, of course there might be some issues, first time using any type of coding like this.

I’m you glad you are enjoying the game :grin: the summer break will be a major place for socializing and learning more about NPCs. With the more school interactions, I’ll definitely add more. Mostly it is supposed to revolve around the sport, but I get what your saying. I wrote all of this within 5 or so days before releasing the demo, so there will probably be several minor “updates” just for the freshman year. My wife tested out some and I tested out some, but there are so many routes you can go, the more eyes the better to find issues.

I’m about to get started on the summer break section and add some class room settings. Best place I figured would be after the homecoming week. School is important, in real life, but I decided early on not to make it a main focal point. Pretty much your character is a straight B student. The coding on this one is already pretty heavy and it is NOT my strong point.

I added a poll in the interest check thread. All your votes would be appreciated very much. To have a birthday party or not to have a birthday party, that is the question.

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I already gave my thoughts on Discord, and you already replied. but I’ll also put them here in case the forum dwellers want to see them.

"I am writing this as I read through, so I can give feedback fresh in my mind, if I complain about something that makes sense later on I’m sorry.

I like how the game is explained and has a history, The game is nice, though I accidentally made a very similar fictional sport so that probably means that both of them are good, though yours is much more in-depth, and mine only exists in the context of its world, so I do like extreme ball very much.

Specifying the sex of the players probably wasn’t necessary, seemed more like some sort of boxes were being checked off. Same with the lockers, I understand it is practically required, or the forums will bombard you with complaints, so I am sympathetic. However, it makes it feel more like a corporate memo, or a government document.

I like the customization, though most of the people I know who dye their hair aren’t athletes, maybe that’s because of FCA because I live in Edmond Oklahoma, or maybe the rules are different?

Comment- Did you guess that my birth name was Jack? Was it because of COG getting my email, if so that’s cool, but also creepy, if not then people without a J name (lucky bastards.) probably wouldn’t appreciate that detail? Maybe have 26 letters to choose from, then have a few names for each, and then the “No… none of these.” That is a phrase that is oddly common, not necessarily a bad thing, I just noticed how to default it was.

Also, why is Jane a default name for dudes? Just seems like you copy/pasted the list for both. Which is kind of lazy, but

Height can’t add inches, so you can’t be 5’11, only 6 feet.

Never mind, but that wasn’t explained. So I couldn’t be 5’11, it’s not a bi tissue, but it would be easy to fix.

Thanks for specifying that (Even if your preference is not for them)

I also don’t know who the people are, except Mikala, I think she was someone’s sister?
Some flavor text would be appreciated, especially the classmate in the stands.
Maybe some time with these characters might be fun? Because otherwise, they’re not very memorable.

I like the part where your leg snaps, the description is just long enough.

Also, I think it might be more meaningful if you’re given a choice to listen to your mom, and then thinking about how much would be lost as an “are you sure.” If you then listen, it describes your unfilled life where you think about “what if.” Then the game ends, most wouldn’t do this, but it would probably give you more attachment to your success.

It might just be me, but I don’t like naming RO’s. Kinda makes them feel more like a pet than their own person. At least add in some pre-made names, please. As for her classmate, why would I want to name her? She might be more important, and likable, but I’d prefer them to feel like people, rather than a Mad Libs. I do like being able to name myself, so I can be myself, and it is good to name things that are nameable, (kids, pets, or pet names.) In other cases, I get a random generator.

So wait Lailah Biggs and Valeria Little have premade last names? Why didn’t you say so earlier?

Thanks for the patch notes, that’s useful.

I didn’t realize I had a letter until the end, I like how it felt like I found a secret, but if it turns into a notes section with important details it might be better to let the player know about it. Same with the rules. Also, there is an error where it just refers to me as just player, even my congratulations note from the governor that he was too probably busy to know about. With its faked signature had my name on a blank to give some legitimacy.

Nothing against the governor. Whoever made these had their heart in the right place, but those dumb enough to believe it was from him probably aren’t smart enough to care.

Also, having the commissioner have the same name as you is a little confusing, or are they an in-world character writing to the protagonist? Or is the note from the author to the one controlling them?

I am glad you’re adding more character depth, but it would probably be better to fix freshmen year. Now they’re seemingly just plopped in to tick RO boxes. I’d like to have some interaction with them before sophomore year, the bus would probably be a good time for this.

Overall it’s good, these complaints don’t add up to much, I enjoyed it even though I don’t usually care about sports fiction."

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Added summer activities, for after freshman year, added some school scenes, and added player age. After I get a decisive answer about player birthday, I will add it in ASAP. Mostly it will be used for more social interactions.

You can make money during summer and some choices for activities cost money, I will work up how I want a “shopping experience,” later.

I did not personally test this update, so if you come across anything let me know. The coding for it was basic so not much of a need (hopefully) outside of a misspelled code or accidentally hit the space bar one too many times (it happens).

From the looks of it, you can win Divisional and State, it’s just not easy. I’ll double check again when I get some rest. I’ve been working all afternoon on the material added and also working out some scenes for sophomore year. I will eventually learn the save system, trust me I know how it is going through the whole game all over again, but also trust me in knowing, sometimes a full replay is worth it, you might discover something you didn’t before.

If you are having a hard time winning games I may code in a “cheat mode” Ramirez is a scripted injury; Mike can not be romanced as of right now, but he will be. And I kind of trolled with the school scene, not going to lie :rofl: I was going to add a description for the characters, but I decided to just let you picture them how you want for the most part.