Football Glory

I’ve begun work on my new game Football Glory. In it, you play as a college football player with goals to take Beckamshire university to the finals of the NCAA Div I Soccer.

To play the demo, go here:


FYI, if it’s going to be Division I Soccer I would definitely not call it Football Hero. That’s more than a bit confusing. So long as it’s set inside the US, it wouldn’t make sense to refer to the game as football.


Well I’m not sure if must readers are from the us, but for more then 90% of the world it is called football as far as i am aware. Being the must popular sport on the plant. Not to say your point is invalid, but in the end I’d say calling it football is the right call in my opinion.


While it is true it’s called football elsewhere, if it’s a story set in the United States, it’s not a good idea to refer to it as such. We know full well that’s what it is called elsewhere, but frankly, we don’t care. It’s only called soccer. Or occasionally lawyerball, but that’s more a derisive term than anything.


Yeah the football thing is confusing. Using the universal word, soccer, would be better.
Not telling you, just giving you an idea on how it’s kinda a minor mislead.


Change the name too soccer plz you put it in US so I assumed college football but nice story so far

Totally true, like when they teach us English here they teach us about the football term not soccer so I say the author should just stick to this one, and like, its just a name who cares

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Not if they’re setting the story in the United States, Canada, South Africa, New Zealand, or Australia. All of whom call it soccer.

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Funny because the sport Americans call football is boring as hell but yeah I’m happy to see a football WIP on here

What an amazing thing, I hope to see this through to the end and released. This is wonderful.


Great story, can’t wait for the finish to the Championship game.

I kind of find your story interesting,just plz add more active action it make it look like real soccer okay :+1:

“Soccer” is not and never will be the universal word for football. Maybe you should stop confusing rugby as fotball?


Soccer is a universal word for football.
If u were to hear soccer, not matter the state or country, most people would know what you’re talking about. Football is the name of two sports and if one has a name more known then that should be its universal word.

When did i confuse rugby as football?

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Soccer isn’t the universal word, pretty sure soccer is only used in like 4 or 5 countries, while everyone else uses Football.
What do you think the F in FIFA stands for?


Hyped for a football game with actual choice and story.
Will keep an eye for this, so far looks pretty good.

It stands for Football, but even then they use parenthesis and use soccer like that would be a easier and more understanding term to us US citizens.

But what i said was most likely ignorant to native football countries, so I’ll say “more popular in the US”.

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Just finished playing Super Star Soccer Striker and NSS Story. Two games with a completely opposite approach to telling a story about football.

I’m curious which approach you folks would like Football Glory to follow.

Super Star Soccer Striker felt like a FIFA game. There’s more gameplay to it than there is a story. The story you sort of have to imagine on your own. But it was better than NSS when it came to playing the match because I could be a one man goal scoring machine and take the team to the championship undefeated.

The NSS game is much more strict. Results of matches are predetermined. Like your team will lose regardless of how you play. You can lessen the loss by scoring a hattrick or something but the result is the same. For the lack of freedom in gameplay it gives a nice story.

So my question is which is more important: story or gameplay.

Personally I prefer the NSS Story. But hey, let’s see what you guys would like.

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Rugby and American Football are two different sports, from someone who has seen both played here in the US. They have different divisions, rules and arenas.

In case you wanted to see the differences.

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