New Hosted Game! Super Star Soccer Striker—Become a world class soccer player


Super Super Soccer Striker is a 122,000 word sports story by Chris Viola where you can experience the full life of a pro soccer player. Balance your romantic life, personal life, family life and personal reputation against your career. Gain full control of your skillset to become a speed demon who dominates the entire field, a striker with defensive skills, a ball-handling legend, a shooter with pinpoint accuracy or a balanced all arounder.

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Fend off the media for privacy or embrace it leading to fame. Gain a few extra skills or get rich selling out to promotional material for others. Use your opinion to push your world views or save your reputation and boost your popularity. See cities from all over the world and every continent. Will you stay with one team your entire career to become a club legend or have a mercenary career where you play for winning teams?
• Play as a male, female or non-traditional gender
• Romance a partner of your choice
• Increase your fame and choose a custom skillset
• Play for one of 10 fictional teams, each with its own history and play style
• Travel to over 50 countries from every continent
• Control your personality and have your career and reputation reflect your choices
• Engage in a rivalry with another prime superstar


So quick issue, I choose for my MC to be non-binary and wasn’t prompted to give them a name. The unfortunate result is that they’re named “Unknown”.


I feel that many Latin Americans may like this game.


Got an error 403 just before the first game (and a message prompting me to refresh, but it just looped to the same issue). Maybe it’s just the end of the demo.

Anyway, while I like the project, I admit I’m a little dubious at the execution - though right now, I haven’t played much of the game, so it’s too early to tell. But from what I read through, I admit I’m not actually sure the writer is really familiar with soccer.

I’ll leave aside the usual ‘football vs soccer’ argument, that one is a waste of time. But it’s the first time I see ‘goaltender’ instead of ‘goalkeeper’; the fixation over the MVP award at the beginning isn’t usually seen in soccer (okay, that part was a dream, but it’s still kind of telling), and I know it’s how it works in the US, but players being drafted into a team feels very weird - especially since this is supposed to be a world league. In general, rather than feeling like a soccer player, I got the impression of ‘American Football / Baseball player, but with a paintjob’. Of course, since I didn’t get to see how a game would play out, take my assessment with a grain of salt.


Yup, I completely agree with this. I’m a huge football/soccer fan and ‘goaltender/goaltending’ has never been used.

There aren’t any MVP awards in football either. There are the Ballon d’Or awards that are hosted every year, that’s for the best player in the world but there’s an actual formal ceremony for that so there wouldn’t usually be a scene where you’re hugging your teammates on the pitch for that with fans shouting MVP.

There most definitely isn’t drafting either. Football players usually come up through the youth academy system, and then sign a professional contract with the club they’re at, get released completely or other clubs put in offers to sign them up.

So, yes, this does seem to be more of an American sport story than a football/soccer one.

Also came across the 403 error.


I pray to god this was done correctly cause this is what I have been missing a good football game…then again it has soccer in the title. No disrespect to my Americans but you guys aren’t my first pick when it comes to the sport, still gonna give it a chance though. Who knows?


I believe there is drafting in Major League Soccer, but it is not really a thing outside of the US. The world super league thing too, to an extent (ignoring recent proposals). I’m personally fine with that and it’s a change of setting, but it does decidely put a major American flair upon a sport which is more popular outside of the US and has rather separate structures and traditions, which might put others off.

I initially got the 403 error before the first match, but since then it appears to be gone. The demo just seems to be character creation, you seem to need to buy it to play the first match.


It’s a pretty accurate description really, I remember this game in wip, said these exact things about the game then

Normally it not really being about soccer wouldn’t be an issue for me, as a non-sports person, except soccer is literally the sport I know the most about, and yet I am still completely and utterly lost on the choices for stat distribution. The descriptions in “What do these stats do?” aren’t very useful either. Only five of these even exist in soccer, as far as I’m aware (and one is extremely not at all important unless you’re trying to showboat), so I can’t see what the others would accomplish.

I wonder why the author didn’t just write the story around American football/Gridiron or whatever sport they were familiar with - y’know, the old “write what you know” philosophy and all that? Maybe it’s because football/soccer is more well-know world-over, but I’m pretty sure that there would still be a lot of people outside of America who would want to buy the game if it was based around American football. :thinking:

That being said, I’m not really a sports fan and can overlook details like that if I don’t know any better, and if the story is otherwise immersive.


I’m American and I like the game I feel it needs a lil bit of improvements in the beginning like I understand you can’t be a superstar rookie but jeez I would like to have a lil bit of a overpower mode like every time I’m not involved they scoring on me like crazy then I got like a 65 in ballcontrol and a 63 in shooting and ain’t making no ground mad missing at least give me a fighting chance with 53 being a bit overpowered rookie stat and do good and please give more xp I was struggling with that most, like can we get a xp boost moments and checkpoints ain’t in the game yet too because I have got none at all out of all the times I had to start over after leaving out the game at sorted points, I love the game and support it but would love a more improve of it like you could have a normal mode and powered more for those who want a real to similar football experience and a god level football experience where you the greatest player while becoming the greatest

I just played the demo and looked at it’s code. Why doesn’t the demo include a single match? Not even a single skill check?!

To me the story feels shallow, most choices seem to only have good vs bad choices (instead of weighing pros/cons or picking an approach). The choices also feel really disconnected from each other. We don’t even get something like a saved flag for our choice of “the incident”.It really feels more like relations management then actual story. Optimism really should be a two sided stat, like this it seems like we are supposed to maximize it.Why give us awesome team descriptions and allow us to choose skills only to throw us into a team randomly…

The story might improve, but I’m not given anything to make me believe it (again no skill checks showing any stats influence and no flags or flag checks to indicate any choices are remembered). Now the one potential selling point is awesome matches, but I’m not allowed to see any. Team descriptions and the like make me believe matches could be really interesting, but I won’t risk even this small amount of money on it with a demo like this.

( This is obviously not meant to attack the author, I don’t know them, I don’t know how demo cutoffs are decided, etc. I’m just disappointed at the demos quality. Genuinely sorry should it come across like a personal attack.)

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So I got deeper in the game and I got to say it really does need so updates. It’s a good game but it needs to give the MC looks weak then repeat of choices and a team always scoring and beating us (this where I brought up that overpower mode for the MC to be a soccer god different from the realism mode two choose which mode you would like to play in) I had 80 shooting and 80 speed with 70 ball control and still was getting whooped like the stats don’t matter and there was times where I was forced to pass the ball because even with my stats it was a no chance of making it (that’s where I was like as a rookie 53 or even 50 in a stat should help put you as a standout star rookie and we need a big xp boost because the lil xp we get ain’t moving nothing up I even went all soccer answers for the extra 3 and 4 xps) I had no tittles and every team I got on lose but beat me when I’m not on them and oh here is a idea why don’t we get a choice where we can get a new lover who plays for other or our team and which effects other reputations and fame and or stay with our old one and or have a famous girlfriend like actor or supermodel or playboy bunny ( where whatever lover path we pick the on field, the off the field, or the super spotlight all have they own important role in the story of us. Not gonna lie that almost unknown had me tight for the main story of my story :rofl:) like I said it’s a good game I like it just needs more updates and I get a lil of fielders choice vide from it another reason I suggested the overpower mode since that game had it and I think we should get a more play style for what type of striker we are like are we a fox in the box or playmaker, or clinch striker, or are we a long shot, or Mr.Unbelievable, or Fancy Feets something like that really help boost the action on and off the field and your fame and everyone around. This all would make the game more crazy and something that help boost it and not only that everyone enjoy playing it and having fun like imagine going to the championship league as a rookie and all the possibilities for the game where players can have personality like Are you all about the fame Mr.Showtime, Are you all soccer Footballer, Are you team player Support, or Are you all about Speed and Quickness Flash things that evaluate the game. I love how much potential the game has and I wanna see it come to live before my eyes and I been playing the game since it came out I literally brought it on release day and seen it’s potential to be more you got my support please think about adding this :pray:t4::heart_on_fire:

I played and bought the game, it does feel incomplete. It is pretty challenging to improve your skills, but once I finally maxed out two skills which was speed and shooting, I would still get a lot of a player was faster than you or you missed a shot, which I get that the player won’t always be successful, but it just felt like I maxed it out for nothing sometimes. I won 2 championships which was nice, but after that I retired because it said my skills would start deteriorating if I continue, so I just figured I end on a high note, anyways. The other stats feel… empty, now I only did one playthrough and did a player that had high relationships with their family, friends, their partner, and fans, media was okay, and the relationship with the coach was bad, but it didn’t seem like having those relationships at high level benefited in any way, at least noticeably. And the money and sponsorship doesn’t seem to have any use either, I took a few sponsorships, but it just seemed like I wasted time that I could of used to train. It would be nice if we could earn more xp then just one or two or if your lucky three at a time. I do hope this game gets updated, it would also be nice if there was a cheat mode so I just make a super star player right from the get go, haha.


When I restart the game, I get an option to start from a checkpoint, but the option is always graded out. How do you unlock this option? Also, I agree with the previous poster that there should be a cheat mode.

As an avid football and Manchester United fan I say this with the utmost respect, this ain’t it. The choices feel shallow, skills are redundant since you get beat regardless and when you do win you barely help in the victory. Now as for the Romance option, honestly you this should have been left out nothing would change. Thing is footballers live dynamic lives especially where there romantic partner is concerned, just look at Icardi as an example. In this game however the romance is as if not even more shallow than the in match choices. I won’t advertise other games on here cause that’s disrespectful, but there is a another “soccer” game on playstore that does exactly what you wanted to do and better. My advice is to give that a go before updating this, if you do update since I know how hard sports translate to this form of media.


This novel could have been much more,just give us a true history and drama to go along the football matches,since I was a young lad I have been drawn to different kinds of sport anime like Baby Steps,EyeShield101 and of course Inazuma Eleven if we speak about a soccer based one.

The World of football is a really corrupt one where image and sponsors matter above all else sport related,players are little more than resources for big teams that are watching out only for pure profit sometimes using unsavory means,fixed matches,billionaire club owners with little to no morality and football associations with no regard for real values,that’s what the top level of soccer is like.

But even as a starting professional there are many dramas and challenges you have to go through,if you start playing on a amateur team(that would have been the perfect start of the series,showing us the origins of our MC) struggling to reach the month’s end with non existent salaries doing a second work while still climbing up to the hope that football can still be the thing for you cause it is your dream,there are many opportunities where you could have showed Writer the evolution of a professional exposing and speaking about the realities behind this beautiful sport.

The player’s evolution and growth,the loyalty to a club that you come to regard as your own home putting that sense of familiarity before any kind of moment,the joy while playing,the tears of defeat and the anger while learning that a competition was not played on equal terms.You can explore tons of topics really,it is very interesting to focus on the struggle and all that it involves the sacrifice.

Starting at the very top,without any kind of plot or development for the characters involved was very shallowed,why would anyone play a story that is simply a match simulator where you do not really meet your rivals enough to develop a sense of competition(the dynamic what your so called big rival was repetitive and hardly worth mentioning,you face off against whole teams yet you barely know who the players are truly like not even getting their names),on sports people are the most important fact learn from sport Anime friends/rivals/teanmates even the trainers need to be developed to actually portray correctly the emotion that comes naturally to a game like football.

Like others have mentioned before including romance on the whole narrative was an interesting prospect,even the idea of the MC making up his mind and staying loyal to a girl or fall to temptation and start new relationships,having several love interests some related to the world of soccer and other just people the MC had the chance to meet on his everyday life,I believe this game should have been about that too slice of life interactions where we make our MC forge bonds beyond the football field mentioned before paying the rent but keeping in touch with family could be explored more deeply,events like meeting old friends going to a highschool reunion or something elements that make our MC truly feel alive as a person,showing us the many faces of the player beyond his skills on the field.

The life of a football players building up the protagonist from the slightest connotation,same with rivals/trainers etc showing us their backstories and personal challenges makes the whole setting feel more compelling.

Was honestly very disappointed when I played the thing weeks ago but really it gave me such as a distaste that was going to keep my opinion to myself cause it is a big mess and impossible to fix better to start a brand new project learning from the bad planning.