The Author (WIP) (Demo) Updated 4/24/16


Okay Hello I’m Xavier_Kirton and I’ve started a new game called the author. So pretty much (hence the title) you play as an author but don’t think you play as an author boring. You can find love and have children. So what I should say is that you play an author through out life. From your 20’s to your death. You can chose the genre the title and the name. So you’ll work on it improving the writing or the pictures (You get my drift right) You’ll go through editing and polishing while still trying to live your regular life. So do you think I should add something, is it a good idea, should I put more thought in it etc. Thanks
Ps. Does it sound too boring
Edit. Already writing it just wanted to know if the idea was to boring and if I should spice it up
Also if you can’t reach me feel free to ask Kelvin any questions Version 5
New Link Now Works
Working Link as of 4/25/16
Edit. Also check back every 3 to 4 days for an update because when I tested authors game I felt like they didn’t update enough even if it’s a small one
As an author my motto is small updates are the best kind of updates because one word could change it all

Version 5


Play as an author? Do we get to choose what genre and such we’re writing in then? We can end up writing bestsellers, our works ending up so good that they influence our choosen genre for the next few generations and suchlike?


I don’t know why it makes me thinks of the sims when you play as an author but I’m interested! Not too sure what kinda choices might be present though. Any examples?


Exactly That’s right on point


I don’t understand maybe you provide a more detailed question


Are you still working on your other game?


Basketball Legend currently yes


Sounds very interesting if your book becomes a bestseller would it be able to become a movie and how would the pacing in the story be.


There will be endorsements as in making one of your books into a movie


Demo should be up this evening to anyone that would like to see it


It’s just the creation of your character


My initial thoughts are that I would like to choose my genre as an author (billionaire werewolf erotica, obviously…) and I would like a scene where one of your more ‘interested’ fans seeks you out and develops a big crush on you.

I can imagine choosing to pursue a romance with them and winding up murdered in my sleep for talking to the attractive barista for just a bit too long.


That’s a great idea I’ll the try to put that in Thanks for the idea. Also stick around for the demo later today. Thanks again


Heh… In my first post, I was imagining that we might, at best, end up writing something epic like Lord of the Rings or Sherlock Holmes which influences our chosen genre for generations to come… But your post makes it occur to me that we might also (for the better or worse, or perhaps even unintentionally) end up creating something like Twilligt or Fifty Shades of Grey - a work that ends popular… Well, more or less, but which earns either the eternal love or undying hatred of those reading it. A controversial work, in other words :sweat_smile:


I’ll write my own response just realized that we forget to add blonde hair :smile: So silly of me


I don’t think you can use “Choice of” in the title.


Where is it located (20 characters)


I find this interesting and can’t wait for the demo to be longer


Thanks I really appreciate feedback


I’d love to see a horror genre