Supra Humanum (WIP - Minor update 4/2/18 - Starting Chapter 2)



I think MREs mostly come with forks or spoons. Military vets can correct me if I am wrong.


Can I kill someone with it either by scooping their eye balls out, forking them out, or you know strait up throw the spoon fast enough it goes through the persons head.


No, just no.

20 disgusted characters


Bevely hills cop (for the comedy action), Raiders of the lost ark, Big trouble in little china, They live (awesomely hokey film), Escape from new york, Total recall (the original), Demolition man, Leon the professional (kinda Sad action film), Universal soldier (cant forget that), the Fith element, Showdown in little toykyo (because Dolph is a awesome actor). I cant think of many more action films from the 80s and 90s.

umm ive eaten them a lot not a soldier though and most had weird multi-funtion sporks, spoons, or forks depending on the mre pack

…i think that would drastically up the MPA equivalent rating.

Anyway @IronRaptor what is Peregrine’s fave alcoholic beverage, and how effective is it on the mc (i dont think we asked before, or i should say i couldn’t find it in the chat)


But coked out Gary Oldman though…

Eh, maybe for simplicity’s sake I will leave it at forks and spoons. It will be a one off joke anyway.

Nobody asked. There is a planned scene in a bar where MC will lament on the nanites’ ability to remove all of the good parts of drinking as well as the bad.

Peregrine is young and will essentially drink like a college student on Spring Break. From stereotypical tequila to jager bombs to beers (micro brew to cheap swill.) I am working on fine tuning his character but he will probably be the most laid back.


I’m not a vet but I BELIEVE they come with plastic sporks… The ones I had as a Boy Scout had those, at least.


It sounds like it varies depending on the manufacturer. A lot of pics that I found had forks or fork/spoon combinations. I guess we can experiment and see what joke works best.


Well considering that I named my character John and played him as an stoic no none-sense soldier with an female AI companion named cortana I think I know which I will take. Dove and Lynx are also interessting.

question: How important will character from outside of your squad be? Will they have their own relationship paths for them?


The character from outside the squad will have a pretty interesting impact and can lead the MC down a distinctly different path if you persue her. (I keep thinking about gender fluidity but I originally wrote her as female.)

I will say she is 100% normal, you will meet her when I write the bar scene and while all characters have an opportunity to explore humanity in varying ways, the contrast between you and her will be interesting.


Intriguing. Does the different path only occur with a romantic relationship? Are you going to write a male version of the character, or keep the original female version? Just curious if my main character might end up there; sounds like the kind of thing I’d explore on a second playthru anyway :slightly_smiling_face:


You can still sympathize and follow Alex(a)'s path even if you don’t pursue them as your RO (friendship is always an option!) You will always encounter her at the bar as she works as the bartender. The bar will be one of the many possible places that you can go in your free time in Chapter 3.


@IronRaptor will it ever be possible to get rid of the AI in future books in the series.


I have 2 ways in mind, yes.


A massive EMP burst? Being electrocuted? Death? LOL


AI is EMP shielded, so that won’t happen. I do believe that electrocution would not bother it either.


a random lurker appears I am completely horrified by this.
@IronRaptor Also, I’m like, 2 days late to the conversation, but…my stepfather is a vet, and so was my grandfather. MREs have a fork and a spoon. At least the ones in the National Guard do.
They look a little like this


This one has a spoon, but most bring a fork and spoon inside a little bag. Like the ones you get in some fast foods.


What metal or alloy is nanobots made up of


@IronRaptor All this talk of killing the AI makes me wonder. What would happen to the AI if the MC died? I suppose it would die too, but…


Tell me, how did you die?

I’m having a hard time finding the post, but after a conversation I believe that a biological bot would be deployed instead of an unprotected mechanical one. I believe the consensus was that a metallic nanobot would have been hit by the EMP. A biological bot would have been unaffected.


Ah, it depends on the way? :thinking: What about if they died by being shot or something similar, since that seems the most likely given their line of work.