Supra Humanum (WIP - Minor update 4/2/18 - Starting Chapter 2)



he usually doesn’t in practice sparring sessions but when he does i just harden my skin amp up my strength and Head butt him into unconsciousness winning the match.


Says you, Snuffles. :laughing:

Besides yourself… and your AI…

Yus. This right here.

Also, I don’t believe that @Cajun_Turk was insinuating that he knew better. I think he was just asking questions and MAYBE playing devils advocate.


I’ll give you this secret, everyone here but you knows…we just pretend we don’t.


Well, of course you know. I wasn’t counting the AI either. It’s not a human, after all. :wink:

Beyond that, Control knows of your existence and what you can do. There’s also one other character who is aligned to your team that knows of your capabilities. You haven’t met him yet (also coming in Chapter 3.) Otherwise, nobody outside of your team knows exactly what you are until you choose to display your powers to the general public.


Flicks a quarter through a attack craft and the team looks at me swamp gas, sun spots, uhh it’s all a dream…


Well, your rail gun is an excuse in and of itself for the attack craft scene. However, what happens when you’re taking out multiple guards, 2 more “aircraft” and at least one heavy mech. Might be a few more things that are waiting for you in the warehouse.

You’re going to have a lot of explaining to do.


I would believe if you said that. I would be thinking no way in hell this guy just did that, and just shrug it off as a glorified story. I still think dying is a myth so I suggest not taking my advice/word/questions for more than face value.


Lucy you got some splaining to do…


I almost typed that myself. I forget that you are a part of the Old Guard.


Old guard is in the early 30s now wow…thinking on @Sophia’s threads average, yea I guess your right…:older_man::guardsman: guess we’re like rhino and control then everyone else is dove and peregrine.

Ok I got it, I jumped up to one aircraft blew open the cockpit crashed it into the other jumping out just before firing its tow line into the mech and blowing out its hydraulics with my railgun and landing on the head of one guard and chucking a knife at the other


That sounded like something strait out of a terminator movie, damn. I can actually see that play out in my head. But for some reason I keep thinking the knife is a plastic fork, and I don’t know why.


Or last action hero, Rambo, pretty much any sci-fi action thriller.
Rhino: Mc why did you kill him with a fork?
Mc: I ran out of spoons.
Rhino: Hah!


Shouldn’t it be I ran out of knives.


Those were some weirdly badass movies xD


No no no knives are for shaving and eating steak gotta look good for the public and eat all that protein.

@Legion13 yes yes they were loved em.


What about instead of a fork use a spork. [Insert spork meme here]


I could see rhino peregrine and the Mc all sitting down having a beer and wine talking about the mission having this very conversation.


Don’t you know they but a ban on sporks under the assault weapon ban. They are more deadly than rail guns. Throw a spork at a ship and bam it comes crashing down.


I am not over here taking notes, getting ideas and specifically mentioning spoons.

All of this talk of action movies of my childhood and “tweens.” It is making the nostalgia well up inside of me.

Edit 2: For the record, Rhino will be hitting a whiskey, bourbon or scotch. Whatever is handy at the time. Dove is on the opposite end of the spectrum, having a fruity mixed drink or a sweet wine.


What about sporks or even its lesser counter part forks.
20 sporky characters