Supra Humanum (WIP - Minor update 4/2/18 - Starting Chapter 2)



This is where we start cutting hairs. The AI is housed in an EMP shielded “box” (for lack of a better word atm) that is connected to your brainstem and part of your spinal cord, giving it access to your neural system.

So, if I were to come up to you and shoot at you, while you’re unprotected, in the back of your neck, you both are dead. Now, with all that said, we’ve already given the AI the ability to harden your skin into metals, you’ll eventually be able to phase through objects and things of that nature later on. A standard kill is going to be hard to come by while you have power. If you are completely out of juice and you’ve burned your “overdrive” then you are really in trouble.

Now, can there be a scenario where you die but the AI survives? The only one I can think of is if you take brain damage. The nanites can heal your brain but are “you” still currently in there? It might be worth exploring.


is a chip(?) in our brain or basically half of our brain is a computer?

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Ooh you got all plot holes covered already as I thought that mechanical bots could be easily removed from our body but them being biological makes it hard for us to remove them.


So a situation where you get shot in the head and have severe neural damage done to your brain that can’t is repaired. So something like Fallout New Vegas, but with a hint of Prototype in there.


I need to refresh my memory on Prototype. If I remember correctly, the guy gets injured, virus heals him but it is no longer the original host but it is just an embodiment of the virus within Patient Zero. An embodiment that recovers fragments of his memories over time, right?


20 accurate characters


Wolverine has a very similar storyline too, it straddles Fallout NV where he knows who he is for the most part. The Courier didn’t have amnesia per se either. If I’m remembering NV correctly as well. You had a quick recovery time and had a decent idea of who you were chasing.

Wolverine does know there’s a hole in his memory and is one of the big things that drives him and causes him to continue to be with Professor X.

The Bourne series does it as well. Jason has no idea who “he” is but retains the muscle memory and skills of his military/assassin training. Eventually, with time, he remembers everything.

So, as much as I hate using some tropes, your memory has holes in it too. The “how it got there and why” is something that you will be discovering in bits and pieces. The clues will be scattered throughout the chapters. Also, I need to say that some relationships will also be affected by your knowledge of yourself as well.


At least it isn’t the trope where the guy dates the girl who isn’t right for him, but when a girl drops her papers the guy helps the girl. Eventually, they touch hands, and bam they instantly love each other.


Actually, I’m saving that for Lexi, except instead of papers it will be “adult beverages…” :smirk:

(Kidding, kidding.)


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Fear not, young one. Her intro involves no tropes. Unless you know of any other story that talks about how you literally cannot get a “read” on her because she does not have a device that helps people use their cybernetics and neurally surf the web at the same time.


Yea i know of a story that does that. I believe it’s called Supra Humanum made by @IronRaptor


There is a keyword that you might have missed, @Cajun_Turk.


Doesnt that happen in deus ex


There are no romances in Deus Ex. Jensen reads his emails through the PC. I forget about Denton though, does anyone want to remind me?


I can tell you for sure where another story does that is the future game I am going to make.


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PD: And @IronRaptor if someone have nano machines can we hacking him/her? ( like in Metal Gear and “Turn off” )


Nobody else has nanites in them. Hacking nanites directly in say, an oxygen scrubber or exo suit would require a high hacking capability.


If you mean a scenario where while still inside your own mind, your main character wrestles with the A.I. for control? That’s interesting!


Well no actually what I think he meat was that AI manages to keep your body alive but mentally ( imagine wolverine ) you are a blank state