Supra Humanum (WIP - Minor update 4/2/18 - Starting Chapter 2)



Does that mean I am going to be a henchman or underling of William.

Nooooooooo gasps :scream:


No, Williamson is going to fill you with holes, if he had his way. Unless you take a bribe or something. :thinking:


Then do it, GOSH!! LOL


But…but… Chapter 2 and variables that are necessary to write the conversations that you’ll have.They’re the only things keeping me from writing Chapter 3 in earnest atm. I am tempted to write a “trunk” all the way through chapter 2 to get me to 3. The trick is getting all of the branches down to the end as well.

Some of the short stories that I’ve posted in here will be appearing in the upcoming chapter. Personally, I’m looking forward to the bar scene and the introduction of the last RO. I think I can slip in a few cameos at the bar. Whether they come back later on down the road, we’ll see.


You do what you gonna do :smile:

Besides waiting is not gonna kill us


I’m glad I’m not making a cameo I don’t want to be full of holes. Also, @IronRaptor does the team have a R&D team.


Among other things, Control handles the creation of equipment. He has “contacts” that provided him your smart gun, the smart grenades, etc. How he knows people that creates nanotech weaponry, well, we don’t know. Though as the story continues, he’ll also help with the acquisition of better equipment for the rest of your team.


Then does he know you have nano bots


He is the only one who knows.


So is he your creator or involved in something like that.


That information is classified.


And now I just gathered another piece of info from you yaaaay


The only thing you know is that Control knows something. Yet you lack details.


Info is still info regardless of details. There is also another question the other people he is buying the nanotech from must know about it or else they couldn’t create it. @IronRaptor am I onto something. Who are his contacts. The creators of you? Or something bigger.


You are on to nothing beyond Control having contacts with people who can build conceptual tech.

You aren’t the only thing in the world to utilize nanotech, after all.

Ah, but the devil is in the details and that is where I will burn you. Keep that in mind when playing. :sunglasses:


I shall cleanse your soul!


I could roast you so much with this but I won’t. So there people who know about nano tech which means there has to be at least more of us on this planet. If people can create augments for nano tech people why would they be doing this for one person there is no market for it. So there are more nano humans on earth and we may or may not fight each other or gang up on our creators and kill them.


Considering your name, you would risk casting yourself out. (Mark 5:9)


You cannot roast me, I am the author. I have already given you an example of an item using nanotech in game. There are other items that use nanotech in ways similar to your own weaponry. Your edge is how the AI interfaces with the items.

To clarify on a much earlier point, you are the only human with nanotech inside your body. (For now, at least.)

Oh yeah. Even if you parodied Legion from Mass Effect, he still quoted that Scripture when taking on that name.


Hehehe I know didn’t know people read Bible xD