Supra Humanum (WIP - Minor update 4/2/18 - Starting Chapter 2)



While that show is about a decade older than me I did watch it. The 70s is just a bit early for me but it and the bionic woman were fun shows.

Edit: Both of which were good examples of biotic people in this universe albeit on the cheap end


I wonder if @IronRaptor will make a cameo in this game


@IronRaptor industries
the 3rd largest Cybernetic Implant Company out their
one of few to hold consecutive military contracts since founding

Edit: not really but that would be a cool addition


I show up as two characters in this game. Each one represents a different personality trait of mine. One you have already met. Will I work my handle into the game? We’ll see. I can get creative.


Who is the one person we know rhino


It is funny, if we were writing this story back in the 70s, our robotic people of the future would look and handle much differently than they would now.



Is it dove
20 curious characters


Could be Control or even the Villain whose name I forgot…


Yea true
gotta admit though those two defiantly fit for the more cheapo end of the bionics that seem to be available in this story, probably don’t cost much either.

Jenson seems like they are in the military feild while denton seems like they might barely be cut out for swat.


Williamson? No. You are correct that Control is “me.”

I will definitely agree to that. Let us pretend that Genos’ hardware is experimental military grade prototypes. Our comrades are currently using military surplus or high end police or obsolete Confed gear.

Now we get into the iffy area of our civilians. Now, atheletes would like leg enhancements to make you run around 60. Which is the speed of our bionic man and Lynx. However, I don’t think the average user will want augs like that. I think augs will be applied sparingly and depending on people’s jobs or hobbies.


I must be missing something I haven’t seen control in the story.


In Chap 1, he gives you your briefing. He will also come in and give commands in Chapter 2. You will physically see him at the end of Chapter 2 and be in his office for a debriefing in Chapter 3.


BTW did you see this thread?


I did! I think once this is complete and I have some surplus cash, I will join.


Too bad ill never be able to buy this game.


Cameo someone is giving cameos

I would like to be in game ( not like how I was in sophia’s game (a coincidence) )


You guys are really making me want to write Chapter 3.


Well Self control is very necessary. You should be thankful to us for this practice. :triumph::joy:

Seriously though you should do things methodically and the way you planned them.


Wait…does that mean chapter 2 is already done…




No, I am in a rut. I want to do more character development and less combat atm. Still, it is necessary.