Supra Humanum (WIP - Minor update 4/2/18 - Starting Chapter 2)



Dy clean only…


Who says I can’t roast you other than forum mods and you. Also there has to be a back up of another person with nano bots in them in case the original test subject failed. The creator has to be smart enough to at least a few copies. He is smart enough to do this in the first place. In science you always do multiple trials to ensure consistent results.


You should answer “no” if you really wanted that info to be totally classified :"


Not if he wants to mislead us :see_no_evil:


Eh, I don’t care about high level details and I don’t lie. shrugs What I do get a little irritated about is when someone thinks they can run 2 miles with such a little fact.

Case in point

Listen up, being in IT and having been in management, I appreciate redundancy. I also know about how to destroy data (Not that hard). Not everything that led to your creation is gone. I hinted as much earlier in the thread. However at the present there is only you. I know why. You do not.

You are welcome to guess but when you think you know my story better than I, then we start having issues.


But Cap i already got out the Pit and started the coals what am i supposed to do with this now?


why would someone ever do that.


Because they are high af…:confused:


I don’t run so that will never be a problem for me I can’t even walk 2 miles without taking an hour break… Also whoever said they knew more about the story than you @IronRaptor?


Rofl :joy: good come back turk!


yea why not walk unless…

that may be why, they are running from a Giant Pink elephant?

got a Bit of a Pirates swagger everywhere you go then Me hearties?


It wasn’t a comeback I was being dead serious. My knees are terrible and I have a cardiovascular disease.


Oh! :astonished: …Didn’t know that sorry :disappointed_relieved:


My genes are terrible speaking of genes. Who is the mother of the mc sorry if this was already answered.


Obviously the Descendant of Dave Bowman and Miss Connor


Family is inconsequential to a story. You could be conceived in a petri dish, grown in a mechanical womb or vat, artificially aged and given fake memories of your past. Then again, you could be 100% homegrown human who was selected for a project for some reason that you can’t remember. :thinking:


I cracked the code… I AM THE LAW!






You sure Rhino didn’t punch you in the jaw? XD


@Logan3000x and @Drakeye, I love you guys. Thank you for being on the same wavelength as I am.