Saviour --WIP--

This is the year 2062. Our Plantet, earth is in Danger. Splinter and his forces are taking over Earth. In our pity to do nothing to save our planet, he has given us 168 hours to prepare an Army. A savior. You are humanity’s last chance. You are our savior. We know you are thinking, “why the heck am I your savior?” Your Grand father was. Your Father was. And you will be. You are the third Generation of your family, who will wear the Rysis Suit. But, the question is, can you keep it? can you become, The Savior?

But you won’t do it alone. A team called “Dark Slayers” will help you on your quest.

Here are some of the things you can do in this exciting new game:

*Take down enemies who are 200 feet tall and 10,000 pounds heavy using all new future guns, materials, suits and even use the traditional Rysis Bow.!

*Interact with other people in “Dark Slayers” etc. And even form a relationship!

*Use the training mode to improve your attributes!

*And Much More to come!

Hey, Guys! This is my first game so don’t expect too high! The game will be in very detail and will be long, so don’t expect the demo any soon. :smiley:

Author= @Cahill99
Coder= @2Ton

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I will be waiting for the demo.

Good to know.

Yay! (Time to wait.)

Need demo, can’t wait for it 2 sound intresting 2 wait

Sounds good can’t wait for the demo

An author says, “Hey, Guys! This is my first game so don’t expect too high! The game will be in very detail and will be long, so don’t expect the demo any soon.”

Others say, “Need Demo”

You guys are doing the opposite of what he is saying. Be Patient.

Sounds super interesting :slight_smile: Can’t wait!

sorry just sounds so nice

I can wait :slight_smile: good luck! *sits down and begins to wait*

Why does our family in particular have this long lineage of saviors, or, at least, access to/ownership of this Rysis suit? What kind of capabilities does the Rysis suit have? Who are the Dark Slayers, and how will they help The Savior combat such enormous creatures?

Haha sorry, not trying to berate you, just a few questions that popped into my mind when I read your intro. Also, when I read Splinter, I couldn’t help but think of the character from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. :slight_smile:

Good luck to you!

10,000 pounds? That’s liiiight. :stuck_out_tongue:


I am in progress with the demo, but like I said, it’s not coming out soon.


It’s good to know that everyone’s waiting for my first game. Though, don’t expect too much cuz it’s my first game. My mom’s going abroad too, so I need to spend some time with her as I am not gonna be seeing her for a month, which gives me even less time to focus on Savior, but I’ll try my best.


So many questions?! No prob.

Ans1: MC’s background is that he thinks his father was buisnesman and his grand pa too, until the G.A.U( Galactic Army Unit) come to his place and take him to the GAU HQ and explain him that he is the third Rysis Suit owner. They explain him that the earth is in danger. They also tell him that the Rysis Suit was first only used as a super solider formula and was used in the World War 3 the first time. The second time it was used by ur Grand pa in a war with a alien race Krogans. Fortunately, no one got to know that earth was in danger as the Krogan Space Ship was destroyed before entering Earht’s atmosphere. The second time it was used by ur father in a rescue mission when two Russian Astronauts were captured by the Krorwan race Pirates. Your father died in that rescue mission along with the suit being destroyed. 36 years later, the suit is re-invented by a military scientist all new and improved.

Ans2: The Rysis Suit is capable of doing impossible feats such as surving a nuclear bomb withing 50 yards of range. While u are inside the suit u r cut from the outside of the world. While wearing the Rysis Suit u can Jump 100 feat and more. U also have a little super strength and additional inteligence, such as u can calculate exact distances, heights, speed, time and angles.

Ans3: The Dark Slayers was a group of the world’s best combatants with melee or guns. They wore formed in early 2026. The Group changes every 10 years. This group has swore to follow the lead of the one who wears The Rysis Suit. This group has been in training for 2 years and now is ready to help u.

Ans4: You have the lead for The Dark Slayers. You can ssign them according to their capabilities. The Dark Slayer has total of 5 people. You can also take them with u on ur missions.

I hope that does it.

The Rysis suit sounds like the Iron Man Suit.

It is quite similar. But u can’t fly.

@Cahill99 The Krogans? as in Mass Effect?

Krogans as in even more mutated turtles led by Splinter :wink:

I jest. Good luck with the game, crack on and take your time.

The name is similar but the description and back story is very different.

Hey guys, I wanted to tell you that I was having trouble coming up with the characters in the Dark Slayers group. So I decided, why not give the people what they want, how they want. So make your own characters, and then if they’re good enough, you can see them in your game! Good Luck! :smiley:

I’ve made a new discussion where you can post your own characters:

This seems more interesting than it appears at first; and, thus far, I do applaud you for at least that much. (Between the aforementioned use of the name “Splinter” and the established powers of the Rysis Suit, this pitch initially reads like an odd mish-mash of comic-book-esque sci-fi conventions.)

That said, some more elaboration could be used, especially since it could aid people (like me, actually) in creating more fitting characters for you. For instance:

When you say that the player can form “relationships” with members of the Dark Slayers, is that up to and including some degree of romance?

And, as obviously relevant to the above, do you intend to allow players to play as a male *or* a female? (If only to prevent the “family legacy” from being a boys’ club, if nothing else.)

In more technical terms, is the Rysis Suit literally only able to be used by a member of the player’s family? If so, what about the suit’s design makes that true?

As well, who, specifically, “re-invented” the Rysis Suit so long after it was first destroyed? Was it one of the members of the Dark Slayers?

And, if the original suit only worked for members of the player character’s family, what motivated the military scientist who rebuilt the suit to *continue* that requirement instead of allowing it to be worn by anyone for practicality’s sake?

“using all new future guns, materials, suits and even use the traditional Rysis Bow.!”

“suit*s*?” Is there more than one suit the player can equip, or do upgrades to the original Rysis Suit basically make it a different suit in itself?

Also, what *is* the “traditional Rhysis Bow”?

(And finally, from here on out, *are* you spelling the title “Savior” or “Saviour”? :stuck_out_tongue: )

At the very least, these questions may give people (again, like myself, as I already have an idea of one to contribute) more to work with in terms of designing characters for you.