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Hey guys, you can post all your characters which you want to see in the “Dark Slayers”. Remember, you can post as many characters as you like but only 5 will be chosen. If you don’t know about “Savior”, you can see it here:

Good Luck! :smiley:


Is it going to be Savior or Saviour ? I’m kind of confused…

Never mind my ranting though, here’s my contribution:

Since I spied some ME references in the main thread and the MC seems dependent on technology, I’ll go ahead and say that we need a kind of engineer.

Preferably with proficiency in and out of combat, the engineer can be efficient in a wide variety of fields.

In combat:
Passive and active bonuses for the suit
(As in while the presence of the engineer passively boosts your stats, his abilities can be used with your suit’s as an alternative in a *choice argument)

Out of combat:
Your relationship level (In case you plan to implement a system) can unlock exclusive upgrades


Probably Savior. At least from what I think, Cahill’s probably speaking American English.



Can you give more details about the engineer, like, male or femal, age, name, personality. Like that so it will be more easier for me to get him/her in the game.


who ever you are going to put in the dark slayers you need a tough russian guy thats good with a knife.He could be fun to work with and save you alot


Planning that many squadmates (isn’t the name “squad” related to having 4 people in it?) with different personalities, reactions etc. that will almost always (that’s what I understand) accompany you can be a tremendous difficulty to overcome. Though I’m by no means highly proficient at CS, (oh the coders, don’t crush me) I think you’ve got a lot of coding to do on every scene with your squad, ever.

Having that much to do, you need a very good idea on what you will construct. For that, you need a good plan and have your mechanics and universe (at least mostly) set up. I don’t mean to discourage you at all and while I’d like to see this plan grow into a fully materialized game, I think you should plan most of the main characters using your own imagination and inspiration from other sources more than anything else. Learning to love, hate etc. to feel your characters will provide you with the clarity you very much need. (on.every.squad.scene)

You might want to take a look at the following threads for a general idea of what I mean (planning and otherwise)

FairyGodfeather’S thread on PSI: Psychic Student Investigates http://www.choiceofgames.com/forum/discussion/1578/psi-psychic-student-investigates

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PS: I’ve been offline for a long while, so that’s for the delay

PPS: Why “dark” slayers?


Well I’ll throw my idea into the pot. I want to see a character considered to be minority. Therefore how about an old Asian woman who is ba with a samurai sword. Fuyu Andō will be her name.

She has grown up in Japan and trained in the martial arts and swords her whole childhood and traveled around the world performing with her family. She learned many different languages on her travels and is very intelligent. This got her noticed by the Dark slayers and she joined when your father had the suit. Her personality is very literal, serious, and to the point. Very few things please her but she is still a respectful companion, though it might not seem like it at first.

Well this is my idea, do with her as you will.



Thnx man. The name is Dark Slayers because you know, dark space, Splinter, dark forces. It kinda fits the theme.



Than You for your contribution.