Would like some input on class names

So, it’s been a whole three days and I’m still developing the same game, which is an accomplishment for me. I’ve also matched my previous record for functional chapters completed (one, for those curious). So that’s happening, but that’s a story for another time.

Right now, I’d just like a bit of input on names for character classes. The way the class system in the game works, a player has both a combat class, and a noncombat class, which combine to form the actual player class. There are four combat classes, and four noncombat classes (each corresponding to a particular stat), making for 16 class names total.

Scripting that actually wasn’t too hard, just a tad lengthy, but now I’m concerned with the actual names I gave each of the classes, and would love input/suggestions. But first, a bit of background/flavor text to give a better idea of what each of the classes is about.

The four combat classes are:
Fighter (uses the “combat” stat): Fighters focus on raw physical skill in combat. They rely on their weapons, their bodies, and their physical training in a fight.
Defender (uses the “durability” stat): Defenders take a more defensive approach to combat, spending most of the time tanking and repelling damage to exhaust or occupy enemies.
Technician (uses the “tech” stat): Technicians create and leverage advanced technologies in combat to perform unique, powerful attacks and to manipulate the field of battle to their advantage.
Assassin (uses the “stealth” stat): Assassins rely on stealth, subtlety, and the element of surprise to catch enemies off guard, strike hard and fast, and then vanish before the enemy can counter.

The four non combat classes are:
Pilot (uses the “pilot” stat): Pilots are vehicle operators, capable of driving, flying, or sailing whatever form of transport they come across.
Hacker (uses the “hack” stat): Hackers penetrate the defenses of technological systems, and utilize networks for enhanced intelligence gathering and communication.
Spy (uses the “investiagate” stat): Spies are information gatherers. They read people, pay attention to details, make deductions, and track down leads.
Healer (uses the “heal” stat): Healers are the ones called in when people get hurt, mending wounds, treating poisons, and curing diseases. Most tend to insist on taking care of themselves as well.

As previously stated, the combat class combines with the noncombat class to determine the final class name. The current combined names are as follows (Bold text indicates a name I’m really uncertain of)

Fighter-Pilot: Ace
Fighter-Hacker: Oracle
Fighter-Spy: Scout
Fighter-Healer: Medic
Defender-Pilot: Helmsman
Defender-Hacker: Sentinel
Defender-Spy: Enforcer
Defender-Healer: Guardian
Technician-Pilot: Mechanic
Technician-Hacker: Engineer
Technician-Spy: Sabetour
Technician-Healer: Doctor
Assassin-Pilot: Stalker
Assassin-Hacker: Cypher
Assassin-Spy: Infiltrator
Assassin-Healer Surgeon

So, those are the class names. Thoughts on them? Suggestions for better ones?


Instead of Healer, change it to Medic.
Instead of Technician, change it to Engineer.
Hacker then to Technician or Tech Specialist.

Healer sounds too medieval/fantasy yet you seem to be going for sci-fi/modern.

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Assassin-Healer makes me think of some kind of poison and potion making character, so maybe something like Toxinkeeper? That’s the best I can think of for now.

Technician-Healer could be something like Analyzer? (although that could also be a technician or hacker name of some kind)

Besides those I can’t think of any other names. (although if you do change Technician to another name I would recommend calling it Strategist.)

How about defender+hacker=ice
Since an ice is a defensive anti hacking program (atleast that is what shadowrun taught me)

I guess I probably should have mentioned that the combat and non combat class names are never actually displayed in game, they’re just there for my own personal reference. The only class name that gets displayed is the final, combined one.

@Knightstrike I do agree though that “Healer/Heal” is a bit too medieval for what I’m going for, and as of the current build, it’s been changed from the “Heal” stat to the “Medicine” stat. Like I said though, “Technician,” “Hacker” and “Healer” are just for my benefit. They never get name dropped in play, so I’m not too worried about them. That said, Technician could be a better fit for one of the Hacker classes, especially probably the Fighter-Hacker. But I’m still not sure.

@DragonWarrior “Analyst” sounds like a decent fit for Technician-Healer. I went with “Doctor” as a reference to Doctor Who, but without that context the class name leans a bit too heavily towards the non-combat half.

@Loriela Apparently ICE stands for Intrusion Countermeasures Electronics. Huh. I learned something today.

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Actually all your names mostly sound good sound good. I would change Technician-Hacker to Cryptographer, Technician-Healer to Surgeon, and Assassin-Healer to Scalpel.

If your a true Whovin you’ll get the reference. :smile:

Assassin - healer could be:
Oracle (I like that, one of the classes should be that maybe spy/tech)
Mordin (Mass Effect reference)

Preacher (ooh, I like that one too for assassin/healer)

Norton (haha)
Trojan (hahahaha)
Plan B
(This is a hard one)

Technician - healer:
I like doctor
(Eh, I’m reference heavy)