I'm creating a game and need help on names


Ok… So I need help with names for characters. Please. Any ideas and names are excepted, I need names for the following;
1The Brute:
2 genious:
3 inventor:
4 badass guy:
5 silent one:
6 leader:
7 deolition expert:
8 sniper:
9 pilot:
10 coms specialist:

And then I need names for a crapton of soldiers aswell… But for now that will do. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Um…well I can`t really suggest any names without more details. Like what kind of names are you looking for medieval, Futuristic, Modern, Fantasy, etc.? Also I would need to know the gender of the characters you listed above. Then I could probably come up with some good names.

If not I would also recommend a word generator for the Crap ton of soldiers you need to name.


I’m looking for futuristic/fantasy tipe names…
The sniper and demolitions experts are female. Thanks.


There was a topic earlier today about choosing names for characters, you can see it here.
It has a lot of links for different sites that may be able to give you some idea.

As RyseAbove said, the scenario is essential when making names. Your list inspires something similar to an American Army platoon from Hollywood movies but its could just as easily be something else.

You’d have more luck with a name generator but if you want some stereotypical names I can offer:

1.Bruno (Tough guy name)
2. Issac (Smart guy name)
3. Zack (The z makes it sound creative)
4. Smith (So badass he has a normal name)
5. Williams (“What the hells Williams story?”)
6. Capt Richards (Classic upper class name, he has a mustache)
7. Bobby (An his bouncing bombs)

To be honest i’ve gotten bored now, thats a lot of names you want

You ninja’d me with that other post. Futuristic / fantasy could litteraly be any scenario still. Desert raiders of a leftover Iraqi army fighting Cyborgs from Mars, British wizards fighting evil spirits in their gardens, Steampunk spider drivers battling the old west indians…


Thanks for the names dude. And those ideas ypuentioned…


Ok,for some more info on the names I need. The storyis about robots trying to dominate earth/destroy all humans so earth belong to them. Then there is a giant Castle w huge walls to protect all of the resistance.

So yea. Giant robots and thousands of small robots attacking a resistance force trying to rule the world.

The names must be futuristic/fantasy and such. For above reasons

Some of the main charachters I have so far is; Eaton-, Horace-, Avonmora-, Zhava-, and Tyne Hayes. And also Xenia Sage.

I need more names like those


Brute ( samuel )
Bad ass guy or sniper ( ace )
Smart guy ( emil )
Inventor ( jacko nick name of course)
Silentone ( D or Dyn )
Ps. Does it need to be like a real name?


I don’t know specifically know about Fantasy/Futuristic names, however I often use http://fantasynamegenerators.com/ for various other names and descriptions, you might find the website helpful.

It has a Fantasy and a Futuristic name generator, as well as other types of generators that you may be interested in.


What abou genders ? Are they all guys ?


Seriously I’d pick a name, any name. Doesn’t matter, you can always change it later. Start writing something, you seem to be hung up on titles (I saw there was another thread about country names). If you decide a particular name doesn’t fit, you can always ask the audience for suggestions then. At the moment, it’s impossible knowing nothing about what the story will be about or anything about the characters apart from their title. (Ie no idea if male/female, country of origin (if from earth at all), upbringing type (upper/lower/middle/or something else entirely if set in a completely different society type). Do you want existing names or made up ones? etc…


Thanks for the help people. @Portugas_D_Ace I’ll definetly ise some of those. @Wolfsra I found a great generator, if you want check it out: http://www.seventhsanctum.com/generate.php?Genname=mechaname. @Jacic. Thanks for the advice and I will definitely do that/have been doing that.