Need 2names for "good guys" and enemy's

Hey people, I need help on two names;

The resistance force’s gigantic castle,needs a strong name that gives hope.

The enemy cyborg invasion base. Needs to strike fear and hate…

Thanks for any help.

“Endeavour” for the base of resistance

“Unit 731 beta” for the cyborg base. It sounds robotic and the real unit 731 is not a nice place

Why oh why do you need two separate threads for coming up with names? :expressionless: Isn’t one plenty?

‘Persevere’ for the castle, but doesn’t a gigantic castle stand out a bit too much to be the base of a resistance force?

‘Area 61’ because, you know, no UFO’s and stuff.

Liminux Ora

Sorry for two threads. Thaught of it right after first one. Anyway, Persevere sounds awesome. That or Alguard. And the castle is the main base for the resistance agains robot invasion. It needs to be BIG. …no area 61.

Thanks. I’ll use the unit name as a code for it. But still need a name for enemy base.

Alguard sounds awesome. I think I’ll use Liminux Ora as a city though.

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