Supra Humanum (WIP - Minor update 4/2/18 - Starting Chapter 2)



That’s the thing, you can configure these things on the fly. Did you see the movie Dredd with Karl Urban? He could give verbal commands to his gun and change the ammo type that he was fixing to use. Same concept here, except you think the setting you want to use and your AI companion arms the grenade for you. All of your weapons are prototypes built specifically for you and the AI by Control and his contacts. Everything interacts with you and your AI companion.

Too soon to tell. I feel like I may be a little more “verbose” than other works I’ve read here. Whether that is good or bad, I don’t know. What I do know so far is that Chapter 1 hovers around 20k characters and chapter 2 is going to be longer as I’m including more choices on how to conduct your mission. Does it require more work? Yes. Will it be worth it in the end? I sure hope so. :sunglasses:


CöøL… also is it just MC with AI or does the whole team have em? If yes are they similar to ours? If no Why?

Okay… .the way you’ve been writing I’m sure as hell it’ll be worth it to the end


Just you. Why? Because you’re special. Seriously, major spoilers lie down this path. I’m not going to reveal them.

Thank you very much again. :slight_smile:

Edit: I’ve yet to do a “Boon of the Day” in a little while, so today you’re going to get it. I will answer almost any question that you have or do any thing (like post something that I’m writing right now.) Up to you. :slight_smile:


Oh cool (and thanks) well then how about giving a preview of Chapter 2??



I’ll give you a fight scene when you decide to unleash your nano abilities in front of John Q. Public and take down the two normal guards that we’ve been discussing.

Chapter 2 spoilers. You have been warned!

I eye all of the cameras and possible recording devices around me, “$!{AIname}, try to jam any device that can record around me. I want to flex my muscles a bit, so set power to 60%. That should be more than enough…”

I could feel a sense of coldness welling from within but !{AIName} responded, "At least you're taking precautions but Control won't be happy if any video leaks out." I gave a grunt of acknowledgment as I started to feel power washing over me. My synapses started to race as my mind began to function at higher levels, even without !{AIName}'s input. My muscles tightened like a spring, ready to unleash their potential energy. I exhaled slowly and allowed my senses to revel in this feeling for a time.

“Who cares about Control?” I thought, as I slowly looked around at the crowds gathered around the three fighters. Everything was still moving slowly to me as I continued my conversation, “Who cares about these sheep? You and I, we are the ultimate predator and it is time that everyone learns their place.”

A rapturous, “Yes!” was $!{AIname}'s only reply.

The guardsmen finally made their move. The guard on my right raised his sword over his head and charged at me. Judging by his posture, he was threatening to cut me in two or force me to dodge toward his companion. The guard on my left pointed his sword at me and began to charge, hoping to skewer me with the point of his weapon. Unfortunately for them, these pathetic weaklings were not even in the same league as I am right now. They should’ve dropped their swords and ran if they knew what they were facing right now.

The muscles in my legs gathered energy and I took a small step towards the right most guard. The ground underneath my feet cracked as I pushed off and I moved like a grey blur. In under a second, I ran behind the guardsman and whirled myself around, simultaneously cutting off his head and bringing my grappling gun out in my other hand.

Taking aim, I fired my hook into the chest of the charging guardsman, the spearhead of the gun shot through on the other side of the guard and collapsed into a hook. “Get over here…” I growled as I set the cable to retract, the guard hurtled towards me and he dropped his sword as he was pulled.

Meanwhile, I had my sword point ready to pierce his neck once he came close to me. A red spurt of blood came out as blade met flesh and the light immediately left his eyes. The fight was all over in less than 10 seconds.

One other thing, that particular scene will be different for every weapon choice.

@Legion13 - To answer your latest question Williamson ordered his sword-trained guardsmen to take you out. He gathered that since you were your team’s recon guy, that your CQC skills were weak or non-existant. Two trained guys with blades at close quarters could get the jump on you, in theory. This scene is being made to allow you to pick what melee weapon you want to use going forward. However, there is an option where you can just shoot them as they charge at you. I’m leaving all options on the table.


Great combat sequence but I find it weird that guards are using swords instead of high tech guantlet or guns is is there any particular reason why they’re using swords??

Okay @IronRaptor thanks for the prompt response(s) :slight_smile:


Informal poll -

I’m currently working on my knife combat scenes and I had a thought. Originally I was going to do Bowie knife, Ka-bar and the Karambit. However, the first two blades feel similar in my opinion. I’m thinking of dropping one and adding in something like a dagger. However, I’m open to opinions at the moment. Thoughts?


How about a kukri knife? They’re awesome.


Hmm, maybe. While I own one, I can’t say that I’m familiar enough with it to write much about wielding one in hand-to-hand combat. Might watch a Youtube video or two.


What about a light saber


That would be among my swords. I’m not going to go “laser sword’” in this book. I’m already giving weapons that can have flames or other effects activated on them (starting at the warehouse), I don’t feel like we need a lightsaber.


Well I don’t like flames, can I have electricity or particle exciter on my sword :crazy_face:


Yes you can. Your other option is turning your blade into Frostmourne: All of the ice, none of the curses or lich souls.


How about a butter knife?


We could use it teasingly like " I need only a butter knife for you "



I mean, if I wanted to go out of the way and make you play like Bob in Reboot Season 1 Episode 9 we COULD but I have a feeling that wouldn’t be a popular choice.


I have a book about weapons throughout history, so there’s a few I can suggest.
There’s the bich’hwa, with a curved blade, similar to the kukri, but this one’s more like a dagger
There’s the stiletto, which is a dagger, a small one
I have to think about a katar too, although not a dagger, I have to mention the katar because IMO it’s just too awesome
There’s the tomahawk as well, a famous one
I think that’s it, just did a quick browse through the book
The downside is that I have no idea on how to use any of them, so that would be up to you Iron


Your right I have a better idea…SAFETY SCISSORS!!!


A lot of your suggestions were great. For the record, I love the tomahawk for its versatility. Bich’hwa is a new one on me, so I wouldn’t be able to incorporate it wasily.

The two that I quoted on the other hand have potential. The Katar would let me live out Voldo fantasies from Soul Calibur. and the stiletto is a known assassin’s weapon. The latter would definitely give flexibility for later missions when you have more opportunities for stealth takedowns. Katar has potential as well in that function.

Going back to @Ardit_Maloku’s recommendation, I’m finding many videos of how to use it in the brush as a knife/axe hybrid. I’m having problems finding examples of using it in combat. In theory, I’m thinking a lot of chipping attacks but not sure about stabbing or slashing

@microwave04 - I’m looking for serious answers at the moment man.


The katar, besides deadly, is also a beautiful weapon, and it looks SO cool
About the kukri, I think it can be used as a slashing weapon, but mostly chopping, stabbing is a no go
There’s another one too, I just can’t remember the name, I think it’s kriss, but I’m not sure, I’ll look it up

Found it. It’s kris actually. Basically a dagger, but the blade is like a snake, all curved, I don’t think I know the correct word to describe it actually. Must do some nasty damage inside though