Supra Humanum (WIP - Minor update 4/2/18 - Starting Chapter 2)



How about a trench knife? They are awesome too.


Yep, a kris is definitely a blade with a serpentine shape. I typically see them in conjunction with people doing “ritual deaths” or sacrifices. Not sure if that’s something we want to have in combat.

I don’t think I’ve seen you in the thread before, so welcome! I’m with you, the trench knife is a great blade. However if I were to compare the US M3 to the Ka-bar -



Ka-Bar -


There isn’t much different between the two blades in terms of form. The Ka-Bar was slightly longer than the M3 as well as slightly longer overall. I feel like I’d be running into the same problem as I was with the Bowie knife


The MC could be a cultist…


How about a Nano-molecular Whip?


During the old times yes they use them as a combat weapon and its shape used to tipped poison (I think). But since it is 21st century I dont think Kriss use as a weapon anymore besides ceromonial stuff.


I’m going to file that under “An eneny will use this.” I like it!

As for the MC - I think I’m going to narrow it down to dagger, stiletto and the katar.


Well, if I had an actual lightsaber I wouldn’t need anything else… just saying… :wink:

Tbh, if it were me (and thankfully it is not), I’d drop the Ka-Bar, keep the Bowie, and go with something like a stiletto (a stabbing knife with a long, thin blade [Needle from GoT, modern switchblades…]). I mean, you have a chopper (Bowie) and… a skinning knife (Karambit). shrug Just my two cents.


I dont know if I’m sad or glad that none of my suggestions made it on the list


If we can use swords we should be able to light it on fire. Flaming swords are a must.


Indeed. All swords should be flaming… eyes @Sophia (I feel like it’s a running joke by now. :wink: )

Fear not, I have you covered.


Alright, thinking about stilettos brings me to something else -

I don’t want to go overboard on stats (especially with things like energy and notoriety being a thing I’ll tack on later. Do we want to track how “stealthy” we are vs. something like being a brawler or fighting people head on? The other option would be just let the story flow and assume you can sneak up on people?


Personally, I love stat checks so I would say stealth vs not stealth


Using silenced ranged weapons???


I like stats but I can understand some people’s distaste for them.
Remember singing the pink panther theme song while your tiptoeing about, stealthy it does not make.
Sneaking about and firing a gun silent you are not even with silenced guns they ain’t perfect.


so that mean if someone hack or throw a EMP granade we are practically useless against the enemy? ( in electronics weapons )

that scene is with the nanomachines of the senator?

how will work that? for what I see a lich is a kind of undean magician


I’m on stat check stealth team too


I just thought of grenade that is an improved flash bang a Quasar pulse grenade. However to use this you have to buy an eye upgrade to block the rays or else you will go blind.


Isnt the MC part of a team…so…wouldnt they also go blind?


I smell fallout :no_mouth::no_mouth:


Well, the EMP grenade would act more like the Fallout pulse grenade as it would take out (pure) electronics.