Sionn's Children


Hello everyone! I’m writing a fantasy game based on a concept I’ve been thinking about for a while. I’ve always thought it would be interesting to mix magic with semi-modern technology. It’s somewhat hard to describe properly, but I thought it would be interesting to have a world where almost every race has magic. The few people that don’t are exploited and ravaged by the magic users for generations, until they discover the secret of gunpowder, begin developing weapons, and wage a war of independence against their former tormenters.

I’ve been researching old weapons technology and I’ve found ancient versions of flame-throwers, bombs, and the like. And of course there’s flintlocks, matchlocks, etc. I just thought it would be interesting to play out a conflict where this technology is pitted against different kinds of magic. Of course, that’s not all that the story would revolve around, but that is the basic premise. I’ve got a link to what I have so far:

It’s not complete, but it’s enough to give an idea of what I’m rambling about, and hopefully it piques some peoples’ interest.^^ Any feedback would be welcome!


I think the drop box is kind of off messed up but your idea sounds like it would make a good game


I only get a breakdown of the files when I click the link, but the idea sounds interesting, sort of like a cross between certain aspects of Pathfinder and Dragon Age 2.


Oops! Sorry, I just started using Dropbox. Here, hopefully this works:


Found a bug.

line 272: bad label did_not_shoot_taran


sorry some one all ready posted it


I got the same error.

But I really like this one, well-written and interesting. The backstory is creative and it sounds like the beginning of political intrigue…


I quite like the setting and the writing, the exposition is delivered well, which is vital for any work about political intrigue. My main complaint is that the stats don’t really seem to factor into things, but I definitely look forward to more.

Also, when going for sword training, I got the error “line 80: expected a line starting with #”, as well as the aformentioned “line 272” error at another point.


Darn, this is good. It’s simple and yet immersible. I like it, and I woulda liked to play more had there not been for them bad labels.
I really look forward to this!


Good just fix the messages we can’t move on after the assassination attempt!


when going for sword training, I got the error “line 80: expected a line starting with #” and then had no way of going on. which sucks cause ive really enjoyed what was written and want to play more. fix the problem please, what you have written is awesome. time to play again and get further!!! :smiley:

oh i just found if you choose to practice any weapon(not just sword) that isnt the gun you get the error.


so chose to practice with the revolver. after talking with father i got an error like 404 or something…story is really good @shssay there just seem to be buggs later on. a little fix and BOOM great! I want to play more. I do. Keep up the good writing


its awsome but i dir run into an error when you are practicing with the sword.


@player howd you get to the assassination attempt? if there is one I cant seem to get that far…


Iv ran in to a few bug so I start over I got to the point were you have to fight the guards in the hallway


Be friends with your kitty, train in shootin’, prepare to shoot the guy as soon as he comes out the door.


i got all the way to the end with no errors and i have to say that this is one of the better stories. and being a demo it was pretty long


i really like this game please keep working on it.


I like it as well