Robopocalypse (Work is very hard so i need help lol)

im working on a game which right now is looking good but still have many errors lol :smiley: it will be a somehow like a little bit of comedy,strategy,and not dumb decision.

Look forward to it then.

It’s just that it’s hard to care what someone has written when they apparently didn’t.


How the heck did I write perpetrate instead of consecutive?

can anybody suggest a list of stats atleast for a robot apocalypse survivor to use?

If he’s a robot? Power/Energy?
Armour rating/condition.

no hes not a robot heres the idea of the starting story. have you ever played zombie exodus? instead the zombies gonna be robots and it will be patterned in a very hard mind blowing puzzle and if you dont have enough wits to think about things then you will fail

Its 2030 and technology has recently enhanced
so very many times since 2013.But in 2029 an
experiment conducted by the International
Research for Technology Advancement or IRTA
Caused countless robots to go mad and enraged
and in December 29 2029 the United Nations
Decided to put affected cities to lockdown
until the robot problem is contained but
something else was a problem.IRTA who is
responsible of the robopocalypse was at that
time inventing a robot that can genetically
change humans into robots by matter genetics
rearangement.The robot escaped in the rampage
and caused an even more rise of the robotic

Before the outbreak your sister asked you if
you want to go with her and her friends on a
vacation.You where dumb enough to let your
sister go,hahahahahah sorry,to the vacation
with out you,you where very wrong to let that

Now your at your house thinking how to find
your sister,how to go out of the house with
out being killed by the robots or the

Before we start whats your name great robopocalypse survivor?
*input_text name

What is your plan?

#I find my robotic phone and call my sister.
You forgot that robots are with war with
you now,your robotic phone shuts down
automatically. What will you do now?

  #I dont do anything i just sleep in my bed.
    You sleep for an whole hour and something
    wakes you up,when you open your eyes a
    robot shoots you with a laser,your dead.
    \*goto_scene death

#I watch tv for news about the outbreak.
The reporter is clearly nervous considering that some of there
equipment are robotically controlled and all.But he flashes some
details,To become a robot a person must be restrained by a robot
for 1min,and to complete the transformation it takes another 5 mins
to completely transform a person.We have been researching anti zombie
virus cures that we didnt expect a weird genetic disconfiguration like
this,the person may not completely transform like a robot but he will
act and be knowledgful like a robot.Then a disturbance occurs,the tv
shut offs.You realize that it is possible that a robot nearby may be
the cause of the disturbance.

#I use my car,its very fast and its gasoline engine makes its very silent.
As you go in your car a weird sound of a freyer robot jet makes its entrance,
because your so freaked out of it being a robot or a military jet rider you
quickly step on the gas and your vehicles wheels shreak so fast that you
almost run out of the road because of nervousness.

This is the starting progress

like zombie exodus which up to date is my favorite MCG game ever its gonna be a long part by part game and will end according to what you have choose and there are gonna be many endings which we tried to calculate will be about a hundred below so it will be some work

There is a novel with the same name you might like to read as it might help you.

working stats are
gunskill,medical knowledge,engeneering(maybe wrongspelling lol) and sanity-paired with-insanity,and maneuverability

yeah will try to read it and maybe change the title at progress lol hahahah,and im gonna take a trip tonight to my cousins who dosent like to help me but by coincidence are I.T.'s and computer science graduates lol to take some advices.

theres a movie like this maybe based in the model that will be showed at 2013 and since its against choiceofgames license to base title or what ever to a movie well maybe change the title

Hello, I am the edit button fairy. Literally a fairy. I’m not gay. I’m a magical creature. Anyway I’m just here to ask you to please use the edit button instead of making three perpetrate posts a minute or two apart.

Also your lack of capitalization and punctuation makes your posts really difficult to read.

I wouldn’t usually mention grammar punctuation and spelling, but if you’re going to be making a text based game those things are going to be really important.

i know those things but won’t do what you tell me becuz its not important to some people

@bon236 Yea, until it starts bugging the heck out of people and I feel the need to start getting in the habit of cleaning up double posts. : /

yeah probably fix my ***** habit lol. Any way how can i finish some trash discussion of mine? lol
any way another error appeared which people told me that many have encountered before. but i didnt manage to find a solution. heres the error message
missing : after property id
would love some help to finally finish the first scenes of the game lol
lol figured out a new title: AI Apocalypse

Progress Paused until nxt month or further notice

Why don’t you just concentrate on one single game at a time?

Shoelip is right.I got into a (brief) argument with him over those things so now whenever i post i make sure to either not cut words in half (like saying 'cause instead of because) or cut them in half and make sure PEOPLE CAN READ MY POSTS!

Also due to the fact that your discussions are pointless and annoying I don’t think anyone’s gonna help you out there Boyo.