Attack of the Robot Zombies (WIP)

Hello! I am currently working on a game called Attack of the Robot Zombies! This game is like any other game, but with a twist; zombies are bigger and better, and half robotic! I still am far from finished, and my game is not ready for a demo. Still, I assure you, as soon as I fix the technical mistakes and begin the first chapter, I will put it into a dropbox link, and be ready for the public to read it! I will make a separate discussion for beta testers, meanwhile, I would like Choice of Games Forum to know this game exists.

@ZombieMatt123 sounds like it could be good. Can i be part of the beta test?

Of course. Hopefully today I can actually be able to get the beta test up. I am having an issue with indent. I actually have enough for a sufficient beta test. Still, I want it to be playable.

Hm, this could either a geek’s wet dream or worst nightmare…
I would be interested in beta testing if the need arrives. Feel free to PM me.

sounds fun, can I be a beta tester

I will attempt to finish chapter one today. So far, I have to fix indent problems and make more content. So, expect a link soon! :wink:

May I be a tester?

wouldn’t they be cyborg zombies? as they’re only half robotic

If the zombies are half robots then you have to kill the person controlling them.

Well they they might be the zombies of robots, like a literal ghost ship or a vampire car.

I am posting my game to my beta testers today.

May I be a beta tester?

Cool. Looking foward to it. Um, who exactly are your beta testers?

Everyone who asked.

I would like to beta test gotta love zombie games

I would love to beta test this too

Where will we find the game. The beta testers i mean

Because i have nothing in my inbox

Message the author. I mean we want to beta so we send not the author sending us a request :smiley:

Sorry about the delay, I have found a major issue in my game and I still have yet to fix it.