Robopocalypse (Work is very hard so i need help lol)

That’s not true, I think myself and others would like to offer help in any way possible to both new and old writers. (which is limited to ideas for me because I’m terrible at coding and such.)
But you should just focus on one game at the time, otherwise It’s just going to be a clusterfuck to keep updating your various games at valve time instead of working on one project at sonic speed.
There is also some pretty neat coding tutorials around here that will probably help you a lot if you keep working on your game.

I would offer help with writing the script and ideas, but after looking at this guy’s threads and how most of them don’t have much of a point plus the previously mentioned Grammar/Punctuation/Spelling thing as well as the triple post thing, and finally the GODDAMN OVERUSE OF FUCKING LOL!!! Jeez i thought the guy got the message; If you don’t become less annoying, THERE WILL BE BLOOD!

@Zed (and others who see red at double posts, over-LOL, etc) – dial the rage down a notch, buddy. @bon236 isn’t a troll, s/he just hasn’t figured out some key points of forum style and etiquette yet.

If we aren’t always a kind and gentle forum, we can at least be a polite one. Getting aggressive and chasing would-be writers away is out of line – we don’t do it in reaction to story elements we don’t like, and we definitely shouldn’t do it for annoying punctuation habits. Cheers.

I know but the there will be blood bit was something i said to him in a comment i posted on his page.
Also it’s not that i normally see red over stuff like that but it’s just that i don’t want to bother dealing with someone who has not gotten the key points of forum style and etiquette; ESPECIALLY after that time i argued with Shoelip about the old way i used to post comments.

Lol im discussing the pointless threads issue and i just cr8 the threads so i can get quick answers and dont have to search to the other posts. But the other very pointless threads are really bugging me too,lol i hate those too but since i was a beginner(spelling lol)
and at that time i wanted to have a page that i can use to post problems at and terminate the problems quickly, but i guess you guys hate those kind of threads so imma stop this and just work and troubleshoot problems using some other ways that will take me a few or maybe about 3 years just to finish this game… tnx alot about this spamming comments and please shut up… anyway tnx to the one uptop zed lol.
And tnx to those who ****** me with hatred all over the forums… i will resume the ******* game and please just help and SHUT UP YOUR SPAMMY COMMENTS,YOUR JUST LIKE ME… I KEEP DOUBLE POSTING WHILE YOU GUYS CRITICIZE (WTVR) ME WITH TRASH TALKS, WHILE INSTEAD YOU COULD POLITELY TELL ME YOUR ISSUES WITH ME AND INSTEAD HELP WITH THE DEVELOPING GAME BUT I GUESS THIS FORUMS HAS PEOPLE THAT DOSEN’T KNOW HOW TO (HELP)… you help but you spam my page of hatred messages just like the BASHERS… im not famous to have BASHERS like you and you dont have the ******* RIGHT TO BASH ME SO SHUT UP!


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We are happy to announce that we have added forums to our website.

We welcome you all to sign up there and discuss our games, both current and future, as well as ChoiceScript and… (really… whatever else your hearts desire.)

It should be noted that, for security reasons, we recommend using your GoogleID, Facebook or Twitter account to access the forums.


That doesn’t make any sense.

It’s simple really. You’re working on a text game. Text is words. Words belong to language. Language is used to communicate and it has rules. While the rules are not rigid, adherence to basics is never a bad thing, especially when none of us are masters of language.

Why are you so upset all of a sudden?
I can’t recall anyone except maybe two or three people ‘‘bashing’’ you, most are just trying to give you constructive criticism not to offend or step on your toes.
In the end the lot of us just want to play the game and tell you what we think about it and what we think could improve it.

its not consturctive criticism lol. IM just telling them to shut up the CRAP TALK AND JUST HELP. THATS ALL and yep thats the point. two or three people or maybe 4 but they comment WAY TO MANY TIMES
8 posts here and another some few in the others (waste threads) as i call it and
(pointless threads) as they call it .

Dude, come on . All we’re trying to say is that you should just use some proper basics in language as ScarletGeisha said above.

@bon236 First, you’re right, there aren’t a list of established rules, but that doesn’t anyone can come in and spam whatever you want. There’s a certain minimal amount of etiquette that is presumed. Also, as this is a forum dedicated first and foremost to writing, that includes a minimal amount of effort placed into proper punctuation and grammar. It also includes using, to some extent, the tools provided to reduce spamming, such as the edit button. We’re not expecting perfect adherence to some unstated system of rules, just a small amount of attention payed to keeping the place looking nice. Posting something, and coming back an hour later and posting again, that’s fine. Posting three or four one line comments every two to five minutes is not. However, your right, these are pieces of etiquette, not rules, and there have been some members of the community which have been decidedly antagonistic when the should have been supportive and helpful.

@Zed This is mostly pointed at you. While yes, there is a certain amount of communities self correcting etiquette, you’ve clearly stepped over the line. If you don’t want to be bothered with someone, you don’t have to. Skip their threads and ignore their posts. Do not get pissed and post such comments as you have. If you think that they have done something wrong, you tell a moderator, and let them deal with it. You do not get to antagonize and attack other community members in the way you have. Do not do it again.

Alright dude i’m sorry bout this whole thing. Also i’ve got a quick question about moderators: Where do you sign up? (I’m not asking this to use it as a way to justify attacking others, I just want to know)

I’m closing this thread.