Diamond Age: A Cyberpunk Story

Well after some heavy consideration I’ve decided to make this topic, now before i go any farther i must warn that since I’ve yet to get the hang of coding no links to the story will be made yet, in fact various changes will must likely occur with the story, this will be a beta test if you will, see how people like my idea and writing, but anyway here’s the just of it : Diamond Age takes place in our current time only thing different is that humans are have tech centuries ahead of their time due to Niburu,which in the games universe was thought by many to be a planet, just as in reality, on 12/21/12 the fabled planet had revealed it’s true nature: a massive asteroid capable of wrong out millions. Though instead of the obvious occurring something else entirely took place, the large chunk of space rock broke into dozens upon dozens upon dozens of smaller, technology infused pieces, the unprecedented amount of what was alien tech to us, had broke apart along with the asteroids, gone was the glossy metallic debris field for now any of the unknown resources hurtling towards earth either trailed behind a piece of the asteroid or free fell to earths surface, subsequently advancing humankind centuries ahead of their time. The story takes place 30 years after, with the once alien tech is now as common as the oxygen breathed on earth, this new technology is often referred to as “NT” for niburu tech, new tech or niburuian tech, whilst any technology developed prior to the arrival of NT is called primal tech or old tech.

Due to the advanced mechanics of various NT it is relatively easy to use it to augment existing machinery and tech less advanced then itself, thus resulting in mixed or hybrid tech. Now the crown jewels, sought after by anyone and everyone are for the most post usually called Shards of Niburu or just shards for short, these technology infused rocks are higly valued and highly sought after, from dock worker to mega corp CEO everyone wants a shard, in some cases as many as they can get, anyway the reason for this is because Shards contains the most abundant and most advanced, even by NT standards, technology around, they are known as the pinnacles of NT and people will go to great lengths just to get s pebble sized shard. Though the new wealth of information and the technical advances should have spelled the end of war, hunger and sickness, but come now, human nature as you know wouldn’t allow it, now with governments, even more corrupt than before fighting a secret war with mega corporations, crime rates sky rocketing and the very real threat of a global civil war on the horizon, things aye not well I’m the world, though it is a world you were born into and one you must live in, succeed or fail, it is up to YOU to decide

Will you be a benevolent do gooder, a heartless mega corporation mercenary, one of the many soldiers or leaders in the thriving gang scene or maybe just try and make it day to day in the so called “Diamond Age” of humankind or maybe try your hand at the many different lives this new age provides, as stated before it’s up to you. Good luck…you’ll need it…

I wanna be heartless mercenary

Sounds interesting! I’d try to be the merc with a heart helping those who need it.

I have an idea for a villain. This may be too over the top or you may already have one in mind, but here it is: what if all of this alien tech has a core operating system that allows it to function, and someone (or someones, possibly a corporation) has discovered a way to hack this operating system which could have all sorts of implications. Maybe it allows them to simply steal people’s money and data, or maybe they can take of the function of machines, whatever. What do you think?

Yay! I love steam-punk, it’s a great genre to play around with. I can’t WAIT!

steam punk no!!! trollhunter is Cyberpunk!!!
steam punk= technology in a past historical setting usually Victorian age steam comes from steam machines.
Cyberpunk tech in future or near future societies usually distopic worlds Blade runner matrix my own story.

@MaraJade Don’t worry, Cyberpunk will always prevail! :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually i have a background for that, the people you described are called Hackers, they make their money waging electronic warfare and such @fantom actually if you’d all like I’ll give a short list of backgrounds and jobs

Sorry for all the typos in my first post Swype keyboard seems to.hate my guts for some reason lol

it’s a amazing story

Thanks! ^^


Id like to know the jobs can I be a cybernetic spy who gets info out of people by seducing them. Or just kill them later

I really like this idea. It may end up being a bit complicated if you want to make it as diverse as it sounds, which makes me like the sound of it even more :smiley: . Also I’m going to be the one to point out the two elephants in the room: augmentations and genetic enhancements?

Of friggin course! @Ajax if the story didn’t have that I’d might as well take it out in the woods and leave it for the wolves o.o

Of course, but are we talking “Human Revolution”-level terrorists and atrocities on both sides, a more casual acceptance or some kind of shade of grey?

EDIT: Also are we going to have strange cults that worship the technology?

Morality is going to play a big part in the story. Readers, i hope will question their own decisions as the story plays out. And as for cults and religion yes there will be plenty of that which only add to the growing threat of civil war

@Will there be different races? Or just augmented humans?

There won’t be any different races just yet, for now just augmented humans.

Here is an idea for a job…

Someone whose task is to reverse engineer NT to try and create replications of NT.