What Kind Of Story Do You Want?

Thanks to the help I’ve gotten i most likely will be able to put up a story soon (within the next month or two) and while i have a couple of ideas i wanted to see what everybody would like to see the most.

Ok so the first, an idea i just had right before logging on to make this post is a cyperpunk themed story where our current world we live in is drastically altered thanks to a mysterious asteroid, said asteroid carrying with it advanced cybernetics and other numerous technologies, the asteroid which had originally was thought to be a planet (due to the alien tech trailing behind it messing with earths scanners and such) in fact it wss thought to be the fabled planet Niburu. So anyway the thing is pretty big, large enough to kill millions until suddenly it breaks apart into multiple pieces, falling in-line with earths orbit it then peppers itself, and the advanced tech all over the world; thus subsequently thrusting humankind into a new golden age (which is commonly referred to as the diamond age) with their technology now centuries ahead of our times major governments,.private and public mega corps along with mercenaries, pirates and everyone else on earth are.now clamoring for more of the tech, which is referred to as “NT” for new tech or niburu tech, whilst the shattered remains of the asteroid itself being called “Shards” and contain only the most advanced and abundant supply of NT thus these are the most sought after. Along with the many changes government, energy and life expectancy has drastically among many others.

Next up is basically the exact opposite, set in Greece you play one of Zues’s many illegitimate offspring, one night you wake up from this terrifying nightmare that’s plagued you for the past few weeks, deciding its best to just get an early start in your day you head out only to see carnage and destruction on a scale which you’ve never seen, finding out your bring targeted you best a hasty retreat only to find out your a child of zues, you end up at a hidden base Where several gods and a multitude of your half siblings have gathered to combat zues, while there you learn that Hera, Zues’s wife has tired of her.husbands unfaithfulness so she’s caused a huge uproar on Olympus causing him to take action and have all his illegitimate children be hunted down and killed as a solution you must survive and help in the revolt against the current reign of the gods.

Another though i haven’t gotten a plot for it yet is set in the Final Fantasy 12 universe where you get to play as a large variety of races along with being able to choose a background.

I plan to keep these games in the forums and update them regularly(if that’s not breaking any rules) I’ll be posting more ideas later. But please give me your honest feedback I’m open to any criticism and suggestions. Thanks!

Hm, I always thought Hera was a bit more hands on that that. Usually she was the one trying to kill her brother/husband’s kids… or at least make their lives a living hell.

I like te first and last one

I’m not sure you’d be allowed to set a game in the Final Fantasy 12 universe, without special permissions that you’d be unlikely to get. Sadly, making that particular game would count as infringing on other people’s property (the creators and designers of Final Fantasy 12) so I’m not sure it would get published by CoG, no matter how good it was. Of course, if by any chance I am making some big error and there is some information regarding the Final Fantasy universe that I do not know, please point it out to me :slight_smile:

Also, I like the idea of being one of the sons of Zeus, but not the other idea so much.

I was gonna keep the FF one in forums,.idk kinda treat like a fanfic @Redgrave

Yup i know @Shoelip it’s still.being changed up a lot so nothings definite yet

I like the Zeus one I want to be king of the new gods or Demi gods or whatever

I would like the first theme if it were more chaotic as everyone is fighting for the tech. Maybe borderline apocalyptic? Even if the the asteroid didn’t actually end the world, the shit it brought did.

I like the Zeus one. I’d like the option to actually be able to work with Hera though and support the gods. Or to be able to negotiate a peace treaty. Or to be able to solve the Zeus problem once and for all. Direct Hera’s anger to where it belongs, Zeus. However you do it though it sounds like the sort of game I’d enjoy. I love Greek Mythology.

I see. Well sorry to inform you guys but the stories are no longer being worked on, i lost motivation and killed them.

Oh lol I just realized the date it was posted.

@thedragon Oh sorry I didn’t see the date on the initial post. That’s sad that you lost interest, I think the Greek God one is a really good idea.

Well i really wanna do them. The scope,.size and complexity would make it really difficult to make.

Yeah I understand that. I’m having similar issues with trimming down the scope and size of games I want to create in order to make them playable.

Yea…and if i can’t have the game be crafted to specific standards then I’d rather not produce it