Supra Humanum (WIP - Minor update 4/2/18 - Starting Chapter 2)



I like theoretical science, such as hyper cubes, mobius strips, Klein bottles, quantum mechanics, quantum computers, FTL, wormholes, and much more. I learn this stuff at home not at school. School isn’t for smart people.


Well, smart people no need to go to school, don’t they? :wink:

Besides, everyone has their own preference.
That’s the reason why we all are here, aren’t we?

I’m used to be a crazy mad for theoretical science just like you, but I guess it has changed now :thinking:

I’m more into practical science. A more simple science.


Rick and Morty reference detected. The statement is kinda true too.


Well once you get older you learn what use is this going to be for me. Unless your going into a field that uses it, it serves no purpose to you, thus you lose your interest in that particular subject matter.


Dayum. I don’t realize it.

Ok, to be fair, I don’t know what is Rick and Morty.
I just know that is somekind of… a show? an animation?


Naa, don’t worry about me.

I’m well aware of such things (also the reason why I went from being theoretical science into practical sc.)


You’re welcome. Imagine a dark Back to the Future/Doctor Who Sci-Fi hybrid with deeply philosophical undertones.




Me gusta Eureka. I miss those days of the Sci-Fi channel.


Does school teach you how to think outside of the box, and help you invent things because my school doesnt.


Every time I come back to this thread, there’s at least 20 more responses… I can’t keep up! (I need to finish the latest update, too – and send you some typoes @IronRaptor, mostly with AI pronouns.)
@Cajun_Turk and @Sophia - I wouldn’t have guessed you were so young, either! Was considering changing the age of my MC at the beginning of the story - sticking with 15 now :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Actually I was interested in quantum mechanics, general relativity, time travel, etc, that young as well, it’s just been a while (college student here).


Are you working off of today’s update or yesterday’s? The latest one should have overhauled the pronoun system.


:pensive: Very thankful I was homeschooled. Don’t let low standards discourage you!


Let’s have a moment of silence for the sci-fi Chanel…
:cry: …and we’re back to the convo :smiley::innocent:


Don’t get me started with the recreation of plasmathingymabob-gun!!!

Edit: Oh, I was trying to point at the plasmathingymabob-gun

Oh, dayum. Is this the same animation where the ending is “trust the uncle or let the world be destroyed”?


Ah, yesterday’s. Will check out the new version. And thanks for the save function!


I was homeschooled as well. Unfortunately, I lived in the middle of nowhere so my social abilities were stunted for a long time but I was leagues above my peers in scholastic and “real life” capabilities.


The world has never been destroyed (per se). They run with the infinite universe theory a lot and jump around from place to place. The show is so screwed up but it’s freaking hilarious. They have a lot of celebrity voice cameos between episodes.

You’re welcome! Figured I’d make playthroughs easier.


Arriving at college, I realized I was more comfortable talking to adults than my peers (though I was also terrible about asking teachers for help; used to solving problems mostly on my own). Getting better now. Just needed to dive in and act natural and not worry about being perfect all the time :smirk:


Already have been discouraged. My standards have left me with zero friends, lack of social skills, and constant harassment from peers. Right now all I am is just an empty husk full of regrets and bitterness.