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Fight it! (I have a sudden urge to quote Twenty One Pilots at you :smirk:)
It’s hard to send encouragement over the internet… Maybe you’ll have better luck making friends outside your peer group? I’ve realized that getting a job that forces me to talk to people has helped my confidence and social skills a lot, too (though not brave enough to get a job talking on the phone yet!). It helps to have a context to start conversations.


Being self-sufficient is a skill that isn’t taught in Public HS. It’ll come in handy but it’ll make you hate any and all group projects because you realize that YOU are the one typically carrying the group. (My own experience.) Kids these days just aren’t equipped to “adult” because the schools aren’t meant to teach these things. It’s a proven fact that the public education system was meant to turn out workers for industry or things of that nature. (Lots of documentation about this theory around the 1920s, I’d have to find it again.) There’s a reason that private and homeschooled kids typically excel post K-12. There are those that function in spite of the system (I’d say because of parents, typically) but I would be curious to see if data matches my suspicions/observations.

How many more years of HS do you have?


3 more years of regrets waiting to happen. Also I work in IT so I barely talk to anyone.


Ouch. 3 years is too much to try and ride it out solo. Is there any quiz, medieval studies or RP/games club that meets at your school? You need a clique of like-minded people to keep you sane. I went from homeschool to HS at grade 10. That was my solution to keep me sane. Lots of programming classes, make friends with a lot of people in the band and then eventually spread influence.


I agree I had 1 friend in high school but we were thick as thieves now over a decade later we consider each other brothers

Granted you might want more than one friend or you know be like me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::crazy_face:


Well the d and d club is full of dictator dms, anime club is full of wearable, rocket club isn’t for me, really there is no club for me. I’ve gained much hatred my last year and the year before so either I go to a club where everyone hates me for being me or just be a floater. And if I tell my parents they over react and take away everything I have for being so negative.


Nothing is wrong with floating. Hell I had the same issue I liked chess board games, and gambling so… I formed a chess club and helped form a afterschool activities club.
Just find something you like doing and make your own club


I don’t think you understand how much people hate me for knowing this stuff. They are always telling me to shut up, or kill yourself, and if I join a club I am afraid that will happen there as well.


Floating works. By the time I left HS I was doing Chorus, D&D, programming, White Wolf games, co-captain of the tennis team, Beta Club and various other groups. I had friends ranging from cheerleaders, football players, geeks, nerds and even weird folks. We didn’t have a true gaming club until after I left, made me sad.


You do know what floating means right


I get it bro. People don’t like being shown up or threatened. High School is not meant to help encourage those who excel, it ends up holding back everyone else to the lowest common denominator’s skills.


I wish I was dumber and was good at sports because that is how all the kids get popular these days. Sports is the most important thing at my school. I am going to bed now. I am surprised on how


In 5 years time you will look back at that comment in shock
Your intelligence is something that will take you far after high school if you use it. Sports is good yes but not a career that most can handle as most get injured early ans learn a backup trade for when the do get injured.
Be happy that you are smart in high school it may not work for you but the rest of your life it will


That not going to be the case when searching for job


I’m going to bed now feeling much more of a stronger certain emotion than I did before


Hopefully good ones. Sweet dreams bud.


Ill just say they will be impactful in the next 24 hours of my life. :wink:


What happened within the last 30 minutes when I go off?

Why this thread is suddenly filled with emotional comments? :cry:
What am I missing?


Honestly, I don’t know but I’m staying out of it.


Nanites, Railguns, laser weapons, AI controlling your Nanites learning from you, 3 laws of robotics and it’s ever important on law 0
There we go on track