Supra Humanum (WIP - Minor update 4/2/18 - Starting Chapter 2)



Looking at pictures. While we’re not using hover boards and projected fields like this pic, I have to say I like the armor design.



Nah, I don’t want to. Why would I? Almost all sci-fis confuse me.


Confusing as in you don’t understand the subject of syfi or you just don’t get the science


Are you confused by the story or is this one of the sci-fis you understand?


Science. I have horrible memories with it.


I have the same problem with drama, and anything related to drama


No, I’m not talking about this wip. (no worries) Science is just… not my thing.


Same, I hate science because it makes no sense, and it confuses me so much.


I thought you were the scientist in this combo?




Where could you have possibly come up with an idea like that? Also what combo are you referring to.


Running around Sees armor :open_mouth::drooling_face: Pretty Pretty Shiny shiny Steals armor And Magazine YONK! Runs off Snooze you loose


You liked this thread… :neutral_face:

And you were explaining what time travel was.


That doesn’t mean anything, and your point still proves nothing. Just give this socially awkward person a bone for trying to be empathic. It’s not easy being a sociopath in today’s society.


One day, you tell us something about quantum mechanics. :thinking:


I mean, yeah quantum mechanic is about a matter being in more than a single state at the same time…

I mean, are you really 15 y.o.? :fearful:
Quantum Mechanics is a university-grade subject, and I don’t remember discussing Quantum Mechanics on my High-School (unless for those who are joining the Science Olympiad, I think) :thinking:

I believe everyone at here considers the subject of QM as "a holy teaching of science that shouldn’t be desecrated."
I’m quite surprised myself when you said that your age is 15.

Yep. You’re a fukkin genius, boy :laughing:


My iq is only 129 when I had the test when I was 3>x>6 years old


You know that’s not what I mean :expressionless:

Once, I got 134.
But I guess it has been free-falling ever since :laughing:


then what do you mean.


15 yo talking about QM is quite an unusual sight.

Only few kiddos on my class that can endure the talk about modern physics.

But, I guess I’m glad that I can found one (and probably another one) on this site :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:t4: :laughing:


Would you prefer I talk about derivatives and vector planes. Would that be more normal.
I would go into abstract algebra but I am pretty sure it’d derail the topic much.


Well, yea it would be “more” normal :thinking:

But then, those topics doesn’t have much spot on IF.

I mean,

Is not something that’s as shocking as quantum mechanics.