Supra Humanum (WIP - Minor update 4/2/18 - Starting Chapter 2)



Is it for epic sword fights?


the inspiration for the fight scene against the cyborgs that escaped after the EMP?


Nano Regeneration For a New Breed of Assasins


Some of these ideas are marching closer to the truth.




Well, you’re a nano-regenerating, sword fighting, AI/Human hybrid, Your concept (while wrong) shouldn’t be too much of a stretch.


A simple “no” would have worked fine :sweat_smile:


Norms escaped the car, otherwise they would be affected by the blast like your teammates. You will encounter cyborgs later on in Chapter 2.

Nothing is simple with me. There are layers and complexities buried within my thinking. (I also have to meet that 20 character limit.)


talking about ciborgs and nano-regenartion…we can turn off some sort of pain inhibitors?


An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure…


I take that as a yes lord Vergil


It is a warning that you’re better off using your abilities not to get hurt in the first place.


bu-but the cool fact and the memes!?


Yes lord on high, emperor of the seven Moons, grand vizier of the Fae court. Master of Whispers…you are correct


1 ja ja very funny drake
2 I prefer only Nelo angelo


Someone is claiming a lot of power for himself. Perhaps he should be humbled? glances sideways at Vergil

In the meantime. Go forth and save your games people! I also have some minor fixes and such made. Plus initial work on the stats screen. I will be working on it more through the evening. Might ninja another update later.


Yes AHAHAHAHAAA! :crazy_face::bomb: time to go find a Mountain range A water ballon A fork Makea Hydrogen Blimp and…i had a plan then it spiraled out of control into wanting to turn a bunch of mountains into monuments Mocking the Emperor? i need to write my plan down lest my brain runaway with me on a magic carpet ride of destruction…


inoccent smile me? claiming power?..I am only a follower and fan of your WIP :wink:


I highly doubt you could abdicate @IronRaptor’s position here. I think the only person that may have a chance is Sophia, which won’t happen on this thread, and if it does, all hell will break lose.


1 of course I can not abdicate @IronRaptor he is the author ( and one who not create false spoiler :grinning: )
2 if sophia take this thread then the false spoiler and wars will infests this lands