Supra Humanum (WIP - Minor update 4/2/18 - Starting Chapter 2)



@Cajun_Turk I would like to read that thesis of yours. ( if you weren’t kidding )


@Cajun_Turk @Sophia Omg you all are so young!!! >.<


Sophia was 14 when she posted the WiP :smirk:


Okay, LOVE the update. Following are some errors I found… (I’m on my phone [no internet] so I hope these aren’t confusing)



@IronRaptor who is your favorite character?


I would have to find the paper first, which will be a huge pain since I stack together all my papers in a big pile so it may take me a day or so to find it. Then the condition would have to be good enough for me to scan and send of pdf of. I’ll try to find soon.


Thanks and good luck for scavenging


I am really looking forward to the AI’s journey. We are dealing with an entity that is not human, living in a world dominated by us. Man has created life and science has done something that has not been done before. Not to pull a Jurassic Park but by the end of this series, we will wonder if it’s a good idea that our MC was made. For an action story, we’re going to get deep sometimes.

Lynx has not been given a chance to really shine as a rounded character yet and that is on purpose. She is a relatively young commander of a merc team. She has placed a lot of pressure on herself and hasn’t been able to show the person beneath the rank. It is up to the MC if they want to peel back the layers or not.

Dove and our unnamed sixth character are a toss up. I like a playful character who also has some introverted tendencies. Dove can be an amalgamation of the traits of my sisters. So, I can never say she’ll be my favorite RO. Unnamed sixth will have some of the traits of my wife and her story arc will contain some things that I love about her. In a high tech, noisy world, you might be able to find some respite with her. (I’m still working out whether I can really do a male version of the character justice as I’m already writing “myself” in as Control, though I guess I can play up different aspects of my personality in the characters.)

Some of the other characters are based off people I’ve worked with (like Grizzly and Peregrine). I think I’m still playing with their characters until I find what I like sooooo, revisions may happen in the future

I’m also taking in feedback from readers to help me round these folks out.


long sigh…then maybe if you put in here…then maybe I read it


This is seriously great so far imo.


Getting inspiration for a scene from chapter 2. Anime watchers may appreciate it.


Guesses for what I’m up to are welcome and amuse me. :wink:


We’ll meet again Helsing…


If I could work a Bible of teleportation into my world seamlessly, I totally would.


First guess: Vampires
Second guess: Slaves


No and no. Nothing to do with the supernatural.


:face_with_raised_eyebrow: Slaves were real…


There are no slaves in that clip per se.


The girl called the vampire master


First guest: old assassins tuned to a priest (either he will hunt us down or the reverse)
second guest:…ahh…you are planning your son birthday party ¯_(ಠ_ಠ)_/¯

because she is a vampire servant. (he convert her into a vampire)


I’m assuming you’ve never watched Hellsing. Allucard created Seras. So, in terms of vampire hierarchy he is her master. She isn’t his slave, probably would be considered a childe.

Either way, NONE of this has anything to do with why I’m watching it.

You will interact with a minister in later chapters.