Supra Humanum (WIP - Minor update 4/2/18 - Starting Chapter 2)



Chapter 2 spoilers:

When chasing Williamson, you grapple and land on a falling vehicle (due to the EMP), your first major choice is:
Do you save the people inside or do you continue after your prey?


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Oooh, tension! O.O I love it xD


Decide which is more important? Personal or collective need? that is my kind of spoiler


AI will be paying attention to this one. Be warned.


What if mc humanity status is more dominant?


I’m not ready to take you that far down the rabbit hole.


Why will they? Is it important?


and my precius cortana will see this?..nicee But if she does not support us in the decision, will we have the opportunity to explain why we did it?


Good perception. The answer is this, there will be some scenes included in chapters like #3 where you will "dream"
or directly access the NI that houses the AI. You will chat with it then. The AI will bring up questions, particularly in the dream scenes about things you have done. This will be one of those times.

There is a brief hint in the work that’s already up that might give you the answer to your question.


tsk tsk my naive friend. snake tend to shed their skins and war criminals tend to have face transplant and a name change. find the truth, find the missing ‘warleader’!!


I found an error, Lisa brought up a scan of the vehicle that her made should be she.


Whoa, that sounds like a Halo mission😆 And speaking of Halo, @Vergil16, you named your AI Cortana? That’s not gonna end well xD


Thanks. Not at my PC atm. My wife and I will be hitting grammar and I will probably hit spacing sometime tomorrow. I think I will have a tiny update with cleanup in the next day or two. I would like to have the stats page updated by the weekend.

I think I might temporarily put in code to prompt stat updates to make sure they are going up properly.


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I agree but why did you named your AI Cortana though? xD


1 beacuse she is hot
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3 she is hot


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