Supra Humanum (WIP - Minor update 4/2/18 - Starting Chapter 2)



So loving a Parasitic lifeform or loving a second personality.


Oh dear god not this thread too!!! My mind and body cannot have another ‘kingdoms: a man’s journey’ on my plate. There are too many RO wars and too many WIPs I keep track of. It’s too much…excitement…ove…r…loadeddddddddd…proceeds to die from heart attack from pure ecstasy of so man good WIPs at this time


Fear not! The RO wars have not touched these lands. However, great discussion does happen in here so we can create quite a few entries ourselves.

I don’t think I’ve seen you post in here before, so welcome!


…Have you heard of our glorious Lord?


You know your story is all about the thread wars when you become the go to reference for RO wars


I am familiar with pope Pepe thanks to reddit.


please hear everyone!! in this land will not be RO war…at least no for my fault and I will give my word that I will not do nothing to supporting…at least @IronRaptor want it


I will permit constructive RO debate, as long as it is moderated by someone from the libertarian party.


then so be it!!!..but what will happen with madame chaos and her plans of wars?


raises hand oh wait never mind. Me volunteering is like me becoming a bureaucrat. puts hand down I will not fall into the bureaucratic government’s hands. A true libertarian wouldn’t volunteer for a task such as moderating and controlling.


Madame Chaos vs. The Divine Paladin. From this foundation was the pantheon for Dragonlance was constructed. lol (Really, people have made fictional theologies for games and books from settings like these.)


wait who is the divine paladin?


20 obvious characters


oh sorry lord high paladin of this lands


Aw, man! It ended just when I was getting excited about it! pout But it’s really great, I really like the other characters. The AI and Grizzly in particular are awesome :laughing:


At least I got you into the mission this time. The first demo ended right before the mission began. Glad you liked it. :slight_smile:

I’ll give you a teaser from chapter 2 if it’ll make you feel better,


just the man/women I want to see!..hey do you think I am the one who start the RO war in the other thread or in this?


Vergil, my DMC buddy! Whaaat, don’t tell me there’s an RO war here already! XD But I think in the other thread it started with the ‘warleaders’ xD You’ve just been heavily involved in them lately :laughing:


Actually you not, not even both. You just active in the war


OOOOH, Sneak Peek? Yesh, please! :laughing: