Supra Humanum (WIP - Minor update 4/2/18 - Starting Chapter 2)



hey this guys talk about science and great things…so I don’t want to ruin that

Not because you are 15 years old means that you are stupid, there are people who are 40-50 years old and do not even know how to turn on a phone, besides you are practically the only one that really helps Juan with his game (I only make silly comments or talk about One or another thing) so for me you’re no fool

what happen with me ?


They think you’ll wage RO warfare now that I have a RO poll going in here.


ha! the beutifull reputation you have @Vergil16.


And why do they say that I will be me? Can be anyone!

Typical you start two wars and some discussions and you are already a creator of war


Verg is the paladin in shining armor it’s instinct to protect their lord and ladies honor and dignity.


Well, my focus is on science and getting my WIP polished. RO wars are way in the back of my mind.


Why not both… wait it already is
The AI is a RO option… the love of science


The AI has no votes for it. I guess nobody loves science.


I am only a forum meme who like to make jokes and nothing more

yeah…for the matter of science I left you @Cajun_Turk,I am a little dumb for that ( if this disccusion where in spanish I will replie a little more )


you need to be more like me and never involve yourself in those situations.



Are you sure? I see one


About how Cajun call him/her/theirself dumb while you refuse to see Cajun thesis


That’s a blackguard which technically is a palidan…


Praise science!

Did you just drop Kek into my thread?


hey every thread need someone who make the jokes and keep the thread alive…right?


I find loving the AI is a practically loving yourself, and that is narcissistic. That doesn’t help since I hate narcissists.


Nope need to check your optical receptor’s graphics settings…


hey I like science but my nivel of english Do not let me see that thesis … if that was in Spanish I might have read it


That’s the thing though. The AI is a separate being who is forced to live inside of you. While love of him/her/it is a little beneficial (she’ll want to take care of you a bit more), a major thread in the story is the AI’s growth as a being. Boundaries will also be explored. Might be lost in the text wall at, but there are couple times already where it takes control over you to do something.


It’s not narcissism since it’s technically not you … it’s like another mind but inside your body that wants to hurt you at any moment