Seven Kingdoms, The Princess Problem

Wait what is the rebel leader background in the guide? I’ve never seen this thing before, is it new?
Also secret historian and player of the grand game

No, it’s been around for a while. You just can’t play it in the demo.

As far as I remember, there are three “secret backgrounds” and that’s one of them. None have been implemented in the game yet but you can “unlock” them if you pick the correct choices (you won’t be able to play them, of course).

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A few days ago I suddenly remembered that this game existed and decided to see if it was already finished. I haven’t been able too find recent updates and I was wondering if someone here knows if the developer is still working on it of it’s been halted. I just liked it so much and it would be a pity id it was discontinued…


It is still currently a work in progress, last update the author said she “only” had the endings to write (which given the amount of choices and possibilities is still a lot). There is no release date given.

The author gives some news and updates from time to time (once or twice every year I would say) on her tumblr ( or her kickstarter page (
Last post was in december, but it is not the first time that there was no news for months.

Hopefully the author will manage to finish the game because it is really amazing, with choices that matters and a real creativity possible in the creation of a character. But I understand that the work is tentacular and immense:)


Thanks a lot for answering! I was afraid to know if it was discontinued but I’m glad the author is still working on it :slight_smile:


I’m also happy to hear that it’s still being worked on. Honestly even with just the extended demo that was released, there’s already a lot of content out for it. I’m more concerned about how the process for it being put on steam is going/going to go. When the demo was first released, it was part of steam greenlight. It was greenlit but steam greenlight has been removed for a while now. Will this affect the game’s process of being put on the platform?


Not one bit. Even if the old Greenlight standards no longer apply, Steam Direct only requires $100 before submitting the game.


You tricked me. I thought she had updated recently. But she hasn’t! :crying_cat_face:

I’m so sorry!! I’m not sure to see which part was confusing in my post, could you tell me so I can edit? :smiley:

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Are there special instructions to download this because I cant get it.

Currently, the only public version of the game available is this one: Download
This demo only reaches to week three, though.

Edit: I was sure there was an extended version of the demo up to Week five that was public too but couldn’t find it. Turns up it was a special “gift” Aly shared in the forums, which currently are inaccesible. But thanks to the magic of the Wayback Machine, here you have the extended demo: Sorry, Thank you, Happy Holidays and Let's Have a Better Year Special Surprise - Azalyne Studios Forums

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There is actually a way to have acess to the extended demo, the forum is out (I think the version is too old or something, the author knows about it but doesn’t know how to repair it if I recall correctly).

But you can use the wayback machine to go on older version of webpages (if they have been saved of course), and the forum is on the list.

Post giving acess to the extended demo (2019 version): Sorry, Thank you, Happy Holidays and Let's Have a Better Year Special Surprise - Azalyne Studios Forums

I noticed this game runs on Ren’py and is currently only available on PC; however, I believe I found a viable option to play it on mobile. There is an application called JoiPlay that allows users to play Ren’py games (along with other stuff). The app is available on the Google Play store, I’m not sure if it’s on the Apple App store.

How I Did It

I only did a quick test, but mobile users make check it out for themselves. What I did was download the zip file (I chose the Dropbox option from the linked website) and then extracted/unzipped it. There’ll be a bunch of files once extracted, all meant for PC usage. Now, assuming you have JoiPlay installed, go to the app and tap on what should be a plus sign in a circle on the bottom left of the screen. You’ll need to enter a name for the game, and then move onto the “Executable File” part and tap on the choose button. A display of your files should be shown, you’ll need to find your extracted files of the game and select the .exe file. At this time, the file is “7KPPDemo.exe”. Once you have the game name and executable file, you can ignore the other fields and tap Add at the very bottom. Now, you should see the game with a generic icon on the main screen of the app. Click on it and the game will start up.

NOTE: This game was made for PC, and JoiPlay is essentially emulating it. So sometimes there will be things that don’t seem right, like some user interface issues. There are settings for the app as well that you may check out.

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