Seven Kingdoms, The Princess Problem

Seven Kingdoms, the Princess Problem is a game I found in the comments of another thread in the CoG forums (thanks @pyla8) , and I want this game to be seen and played by as many people as possible because there’s a lot to discuss. The full game is not out yet. But the first three weeks of the game have been released and there is so much content that this demo really feels like a full game already!

Also, it’s currently free to download!

Here’s the link:

Seven Kingdoms Princess Problem demo

and here’s the description from the 7KPP website

Every seven years the seven kingdoms send their best and brightest young people to be their delegates at the Vail Isle Summit. A tradition where seven weeks are spent together to form friendships, alliances and marriages. This year, however, things are different. Since the Great Peace, never have alliances been so close to collapse, the seven nations on the razor’s edge of war. What happens at this summit could very well determine the fate of the known world.

You are one of the delegates.

In this world of politics, intrigue and danger will you find love? Make friends? Alliances? Or will you fail and be forced to watch as the world once again crumbles into destruction and despair?

It is your story and it is not yet written.

Some features include:

Detailed Character Creation

  • Develop your character from infancy to being selected for the delegation. Your story choices influence your starting skills and personality.

Six Unique Backgrounds

  • Depending on your character creation choices and skills, unlock one of six unique backgrounds. (With three special backgrounds yet to be added.) Your skills, your history, your nation, how people react to you, even your motivation and personal story, all change depending on the background you choose.

Over 30 Skills!

  • Are you a courageous tomboy who’s terrible in etiquette but has a strong natural charisma and leadership skills? Are you a conniving politician whose cunning and manipulation can bend people to her will even as she’s graceless and clumsy? Are you a brilliant scholar with a great grasp on history with the charm and beauty of a toad? With over thirty skills, your character will have unique strengths and flaws that have an impact on how people react to you, perceive you and how you manage to face the challenges of the summit.

Your personality is unique!

  • Your choices influence your character’s personality. Your character will have different reactions and dialogue based on different personality traits.

Intrigue, Secrets and Danger

  • With this many important people in one castle, you can bet there’s even more going on underneath the surface. Explore the castle and interact with your fellows to uncover conspiracies, secrets and clandestine relationships. Just hope you will be able to survive everything you find.

Build complex relationships

  • Make your fellows your friends, your rivals, have them hold in you in romantic affection, in high respect, or all four! Your interactions and stats will lead you to complicated, four dimensional relationships with your fellow delegates.

Be careful what you say

  • All of your choices matter, but especially what you say. Choose your dialogue with care, what you say can make a world of difference and might even end up getting you killed. Of course, not every character will have the same attributes and skills to say or do the same things. Experiment and see if you can find all the options.

Love is in the air?

  • One of the major goals of the delegation is to form marriage alliances, but no one said those have to be made only on cold political concerns. With ten romanceable characters (plus two hidden options,) you can marry for love. Or love without marrying. Or marry without love.

Manage your time

  • You might think that seven weeks is a long time, but not when there’s so much in the world of Seven Kingdoms to do! Develop your skills, attend events, accept invitations, explore the castle, hunt for secrets, spend time with your fellow delegates and go on dates. But choose carefully, you aren’t going to have time to do everything you want!

Become a skilled hostess

  • Use your money and skills to host weekly events. Plan the events and send out invites. How the events go and who accepts your invitations depend on your talents and relationships. But pull off a successful event and see a huge boost to your reputation and relationships.

Also, there’s going to be some spoilers below if you’ve never played the game.
However, it would be great if we could try to use spoiler tags for major things, the kind of stuff that is obviously supposed to be secret. For example, information about a certain murderous plot and naming names should probably have the spoiler tags

Which, for those of you who don’t know, looks like this [spoiler] [/spoiler]

Steam Greenlight:


@KelaSaar @pyla8 @seabean @Wolfsra @attolia
Hey people I was talking to about 7KPP in the other forum! Wanted to let you know this thread is up :slight_smile:
Anyone playing this for the first time, what did you think? Some of you already answered this, but who were your favorite ROs and what MC backgrounds were your favorite to play as?


Hm, favorite RO right now is Zarad. I don’t usually like the flirty type, but his banter with the MC is absolutely beautiful. <3

And my favorite background is either the Tomboy Countess (the backstory is pretty awesome) or the Ambitious Widow because who doesn’t love conniving characters. :stuck_out_tongue:


@seabean ean I absolutely loved the introduction scene with Zarad where he asks you to dance and the whole time he’s flirting with you you can just return each flirty comment with an insult

Also one of my favorite quotes from that game is on the first date with Zarad when you’re looking at him and he says “Appreciating the view?” and you can say “Not particularly, but I can bring you a mirror if you want a truly appreciative audience.” Priceless.

He and Hamin are my favorite, but I honestly love all of the romance paths! Except for probably Jarrod’s and one of the secret romance paths, but that doesn’t stop me from playing it :wink:


Tweaked your first post since the formatting looked a bit off to me,

I might have actually just downloaded this game. Not sure if I’ll find the time to play it mind you. I’ve a folder full of visual novels I keep meaning to play.


Just saw that! Thank you this looks much better!
If you do find the time, I can’t recommend it enough. I can honestly say it’s my favorite visual novel that I’ve ever played (read? played?). There’s a ridiculous amount of choice which is one of the things I consider most important in these types of games. It also has a great dialogue, complex characters, and I could go on but I should probably stop before I’m writing a 1000 word essay on why you should play this game.

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Does the matchmaker always hate you?

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Sounds interesting. I’ll give it a go.

Wow, so I just started playing, but I’m already blown away. It has the delicious taste of something you can really sink your teeth into. Thanks for bringing this up!

Can’t quite get a look at the game right now, but I really want to try it as soon as I return home. It seems interesting.

Weeellll, not always hate you. I think if you get your scores 50+ (four skills can be under 50 but anymore and you fail) during the THIRD week, you’ll win her approval. It’s easy on story mode. Although, if you’re talking about the first week then no, she will always be mean and hurtful.

For your first interview, yes. But note what she tells you you failed on and work on improving those before you meet her again and you can pass! I was typing out a longer response when I saw @pyla8’s comment and they pretty much covered everything else I was going to say :wink:

Damn, I think this game requires note taking! XD I’m loving it though, it’s so beautifully detailed.

@alliebee thanks for making this! You should send the author this link! Actually, I think she might frequent this site already?
Here’s her her tumblr It has lots of tips and guides made by fans about playing the game.

I usually play with a Hise or Corval MC, but I think my fave MC is the widow. My MC’s are usually skilled in the social graces. The widow MC is slightly evil and extremely manipulative. she’ll end up romancing Gisette.

As far as RO’s, I LOVE Zarad and Hamin. Mainly Zarad though, because underneath all the flirting and banter, we can tell there’s a lot more to him.

I have a soft spot for Clarmont and… I can’t remember his name, the blonde boy who loves nature?

ALSO, don’t judge me but one of my MC’S is in a secret romance with the Duke, he’ll end up manipulating or she’ll end up manipulating him. Either way, I’m so excited to see how messy it all ends up.

Emmett! XD I love that guy. He’s such a sweetheart. Though I never really got the Clarmont thing. Maybe b/c I was never bothered to look into him.

No judgement here. I like the Duke alot and especially how obvious it was he’d be a romance. I was so shocked when I looked at the stats and so no romance for him (no nothing? I haven’t looked there in a while. Though he’s so untrustworthy! Did you listen in on him and Jaslen’s makeout session?

@pyla8 @attolia No judgement here either! But the Duke is kind of sketchy. He is hooking up with Jaslen like pyla8 mentioned, and he has this flirty thing going on with Avalie, not too sure what that’s about. And he’s definitely married with zero plans of leaving his wife anytime soon. Doesn’t Jaslen say they’ve been getting together at the summit for years? Yikes, not my cup of tea. (Of course, I still have a playthough where I’m romancing him) Also SPOILER FOR SOMETHING THE AUTHOR MENTIONED THAT HAS NOT HAPPENED YET you can have a romance with him, but you will never be able to marry him

Emmett is so sweet! I was surprised no one mentioned him yet here or in the other forum. He’s just such a genuinely good person

But that’s the problem, almost all of these characters are great, it’s really hard to choose one. Which is why the solution is to do a million playthroughs and romance everyone!

I like Clarmont, but I get what you (pyla8) mean about him. However, I have a theory. You should play his route all the way through and it’ll make more sense, but here it goes: he’s some kind of rebel. The author already said rebels will be having a part in the game. We hear Jarrod and Giselle and a few others talk about the huge divide in their country, and that the rebels may have sent in an agent to help take down the Revaire royalty. Every time you talk to Clarmont about how much you hate the people in power because they tend to abuse it, he likes you more. He refuses to reveal anything about himself and keeps mentioning how he has some kind of mission that falling in love with you is making more difficult. If you unlock “his story” there’s more proof in there too.


I don’t think I’ve played Clarmont’s path cause none of this sounds familiar! I’ll do that now.

I’m so glad to see some Emmet appreciation here! I think he’s pretty underrated for someone so SWEET!

@pyla8 I did listen in on their convo. Romancing him will probably end horribly but I can’t wait to see the fall out>.

What type of MC do you guys usually play as?

Persuasion and manipulation are my main two stats the majority of the time, It depends who I’m planning on romancing to be honest. Say I wanna romance Lyon, Then my intelligence stat is obviously going to take priority over my courage stat.

I guess I try to play a jack of all trades character, Which seems easiest with the Hise MC.

What about you?

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My first playthroughs of a game tend to be a self insert, and after the personality establishment I ended up as a Corval Court Lady, so I’m biased towards that MC. Plus I love Hamin and the angle of Hise and Corval about to go to war. That’s also probably part of the reason I also love being a pirate from Hise and romancing Zarad! I mentioned in the other thread that depending on my romance end goal for that playthrough, I choose an MC that fits best with that particular RO!

The Corval and Hise MCs are great because they’re both great at persuasion overall, and everything is easier when you can get people to do what you want (and do it happily) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Corval MC is extra great at politics and scheming, while Hise MC focuses more on courage and general badassery.

Tomboy is a lot of fun but doesn’t have the social graces to really accomplish her goals or enact a lot of change. At least, not easily.

The Sheltered Princess is cute with Emmett, but otherwise, not my cup of tea. It’s great that she’s the stereotypical perfect princess, but she’s a bit too mild-mannered for me to really get into her character.

I like to use ambitious widow for my more evil playthroughs, she can get a lot done.

The Scholarly Lady is also interesting, but doesn’t stand out to me as much as some of the others.

That being said, since it’s harder to get what I want right off the bat with the scholar, the princess and the tomboy, they can provide a more interesting/challenging playthrough!

What about you? (like wolfsra said)

I AM SO EXCITED YOU DO NOT EVEN KNOW. This game looks like everything I’ve ever dreamed. :heart_eyes:

Thanks so much for sharing!