Seven Kingdoms, The Princess Problem


I worked it out, I had deleted saves and persistent data for c drives roaming app data and had not realised it had created back up saves in the games saves download folder for the demo itself.


Oh thanks for the heads up! I was worried since Revaire seems the hardest to raise :((

Though to be fair I’d like to dethrone the sibs and if Claremont is running to replace them hot dang my sheltered princess is now a rebel princess :))


And my Sheltered Princess is now a plotting the murder of her brother-in-law rebel princess :open_mouth: I fucking love this game.

Her etiquette is getting out of control though. Like damn, I’m not even trying to raise it. :expressionless:

You know, Hamin probably shouldn’t say this to the daughter of an infamous pirate…


how do you even romance Prince Lisle?! His standard of an ideal girl is beyond the sky! ( you can see the difficulties of mine unlocking his romantic route -.-; he did say he likes a tactful girl but is there like a certain way he has to be courted in order for his far affections can be sought?)

So is Prince Jarrod, the farthest I’ve been into his route is being able to marry him due political alliances. Though, I’ve had his romance points quite high in the scale.


…No, it’s not. (The preceding statement is intentionally misleading.)

I’ll give you a hint: You can’t raise his Romance meter, though you can get him to want to marry you and make the marriage work. Look at dating him in Week 3 with the latter in mind (marriage and partnership, not romance) and you’ll find out where you went wrong.


In case you didn’t know, you cannot raise Lisle romance points


I admit my remark is misleading but it is not meant to be taken literally rather I intended it to be addressed in sarcasm (or hyperbole manner instead.) I apologize.

No wonder, it is only Lisle’s friendship stat is the only thing that increased as I played his route. Thank you for the clarifications.


No, my statement ("…No, it’s not.") was intentionally misleading to you.

Anyway, yeah, Lisle’s romance won’t go up, and if you play his route you’ll find out why (if you haven’t figured it out already from the hints).


I’ve been able to know just now. Thank you, Morphine.


I downloaded it on my phone but once i click the file a bunch of other files open


i was not aware that game was even playable on the phone.


It’s not a mobile game :slightly_frowning_face:


You’re right, it’s not available on mobile.


Dang :frowning: i sold my pc last month