Seven Kingdoms, The Princess Problem


Ah! I’ve not even looked at the forum!


I am not an alpha tester, but as a favor to a fellow 7kpp/CoG lover, can you do Mr. Stranger Danger the message me the details, because I know that I will never go that route but I’m curious as to how it goes? Ugh thinking about him gives me shivers, and not the good kind.

What weirds me out the most is that he sleeps with Jaslen who is my future aunt-in-law if I go with the Zarad route. Ugh shivers


It’s almost bed time for me now, but tomorrow night I’ll play it for you!

What weirds me out the most is that his name is Woodly. Who names their child Woodly???


You know all this time I thought that it was his last name but then I realized that I was being dumb because all the other nobility go by their titles and then their given name. So I looked it up and the closest I could find was a variant of his name. Only off by a letter though.


I think his surname should be Woodpecker! Woodly Woodpecker!


That’s funny coming from a guy with a bird icon with the username "FairyGod feather "


Yes. :slight_smile:


Not a backer but if whatever you wanted to say occurred up to week 5 in the game, you can now freely say it due to the new limited time demo.

Quoted by Aly on Kickstarter below.

What does this mean re: alpha people and spoilers?

It means anything that was previously under the alpha spoiler policy that happens before the end of the extended demo (meaning everything that isn’t the very end of week five and all of week six+ future content) is no longer considered an alpha spoiler.

Which means you can talk about it publicly, post your guides etc. (Although it might be nice to give people a few days before opening the spoiler floodgates.)

But that cliffhanger ending you might remember suffering through? All the week six shinies? Those are still top secret. Sorry!

Link to the whole post:

To answer your other question though, Hamin if you’re into flirty and playful banter, Lyon if you’re into the tsundere type and I don’t know about the others since I have not tried them myself.


…Been a long time since I was last on this thread, but is there perhaps the chance of a male MC in this game’s future? Also, when the game is completed will it be released on Steam?

Thank you for your time.


There’s no male MC in this game.
Yes. It’s already been greenlit for steam.


@hallofmirrors has created a personal gay male hack for a friend of the current demo that they may be willing to share with you. this stuff is illegal tho warnin ya


Alright, thanks for the quick response. I thought that they had said they might add a male MC if they reached their funding goals, apparently not. :pensive:

@Laguz I think it would be best for everyone involved, if I don’t answer that comment! :laughing: … No offense intended of course. :sweat_smile:


If it does well @Aly has said she’d consider a sequel/prequel that might have two storylines in it and one of those would be from a male mc’s pov. I do hope that one gets made. :thumbsup:
The VN genre could do with more male protagonists in games that aren’t “utterly bland male mc” gathers harem of girls/women.

For now Winter Wolves does occasionally cater to that desire and overall I’d recommend their games.

That said I do headcanon my Revaire widow to be a transman in my headcanon, someone who feels trapped in a wrongly gendered body and who would be much happier living as a man, which I may see her doing after the ending. Until that time the uncomfortable truth is that she had to provide for her family be exploited her very unwanted femininity, which all combines to create a character who is an expert at manipulating other people (and him/her self).
But I understand if @Aly doesn’t want to acknowledge that in-game in any way, but that still remains my personal headcanon. After all as we can see in the trans discussion on these very forums it is a very difficult subject to “get right” for those of us who do not have gender-dysphoria in real-life, including yours truly.


Funny that you mentioned Winter Wolves as I have most of there games already. :grinning: ( well, most of the ones that let you be male that is) Though I have no qualms with role playing a female… Just so long as the genre isn’t purely romance of course.


Uh, nonbinary pan hack with he/him pronouns and neutral/masculine titles, actually. (I mean, you could read it as gay male, but it really isn’t. Like, it really, really isn’t, if you want a gay male hack, this probably isn’t it)


Actually. Am reminded of Hatoful everytime @FairyGodfeather posts :))

Idk if spoilery question but: if romancing Claremont is it important to have high Revaire approval given his allegiance to the rebels


Even better! Even better! Well, for me anyway. Sorry about the mix-up!


Hi everyone, I did a quick google search + flick through forums and either the info is missing/hidden or I am being particularly dense but is there a way to reset all the achievements, letters that sort of thing so I can go in totally fresh (I played months ago then deleted the game but for some reason achievements hung around, leaving me lost when I redown loaded the extended version)?


About your spoiler-y question: Aly recently decided to make some changes to the ending of the game. Before it, you needed to convice the nations that your marriage was good and etc to be able to do it. But now it isn’t necessary, although approvals still affect the epilogue. So I think you don’t need high approval with Revaire to be able to romance Clarmont.


Do what I do. Keep deleting settings files until it’s gone. It’s in there somewhere.