Seven Kingdoms, The Princess Problem

Will this be released by Games Choice?

It’s not an IF, it’s a renpy visual novel.

Visual novels are a form of interactive fiction.


As others have said, it will not be released by Games Choice, unless Azalyne Studios forms a partnership with Games Choice and transforms this visual novel into a Text-Based Cyoa.

I think that I read somewhere that it started out as a Choicescript game but it is an indie visual novel and will probably be sold on Steam.
It was greenlit when that was still a thing.
Not sure if it will be available somewhere else.


According to what I read on the fan discord early release will be on and later the game will be released on Steam when secret backgrounds and unlockable the romances are done.

Has been, yes. It’s out for backers already.

Totally forgot about that. :sweat_smile: Yes, the backers probably have it already. Not sure.

It was more a general statement for anyone interested who doesn’t go looking for news anywhere else or missed it.

We do. :sunglasses:


Ohhh exciting! I hope you enjoy it.

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