Seven days in purgatory (2020 Sept 5th, Chapters 3/7) (ko-fi open: Jan 6)

You have amnesia. The rest, you’ll find out as you go.
Trigger warning: Graphic violence and death, Gender dysphoria (precautionary tag for trans players), Anxiety disorder, References to past child abuse(only period typical for mc, less so for spouse), Queerphobia.
Any explicit sexual acts will be fully consensual and optional.

NOTE: You, as the player and the character, have no agency over the past. Who you used to be is set in stone (except for sex/gender/name). But if you find out enough about your past and the present, you can change who you are now.

You remember nothing. Your spouse won’t let you leave. Your mind is in a grey box separated from your memories, and the only way out is down. Dig your way into yourself. Better be prepared to get your hands filthy with what you find in there.

Direct Summary

You wake up in a cabin in the woods with no memory but the chill of water in your lungs. A person who claims to be your spouse has been taking care of you. The coma has left you barely able to walk. You have to recover your health, and your memory. An extended vacation in the cabin sounds like a peaceful opportunity for recovery. But dangers lurk within your own mind. Are you sure you want to open your eyes?

Seven days in Purgatory is a psychological thriller ripe with philosophical musings and sensuality. Taste, hear, think, feel, love… Run.

Author’s note: I have nothing to say for myself other than that I was agitated and stressed, and wanted to make you all suffer with me as soon as possible.

  1. Some of you may have already caught on to what is going on. Tell me your theories and make sure to black them out with spoiler tags.
  2. Any grammatical/code/spelling/fact error that you find, please tell me.
  3. If you want any dialogue choices added, or any other content you want to see added, leave a suggestion in the comments.
  4. If you wish to discuss the adult content, the nsfw thread is here (but it’s closed so just dm me):
  5. Tell me about your MC! Name, gender, personality, opinion… anything you want. It really helps.

Link to demo:
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avg. playthrough: 17k
code wordcount: 24925

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Could you please add a Triggering warning in your OP. Because I am afraid of looking your link and find out something that triggers me as Rape Torture or children abuse . If you put clear in your highlight the triggering factors people would feel more confident to try your game. Because your spouse don’t let you out could mean lot of nasty stuff


Oops, okay.


um theres actually wip that has the same name as yours, so will you consider changing it or…?

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I am indeed trying to think up a new title right now, lol. It’s a pity – I quite liked that title.


That was my problem I thought It was same game with multiple new links


yeah me too. but i bet you can come up with a nice one, good luck then!


Wow, I just realized that this is a different wip altogether. Hmm, quite misleading. Anyway, let see whats this about >.<

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New link! Title’s changed!


Welp, that was fast. No wonder it got stuck while I was reading.

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Sorry about that lol

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Great story. Definitely looking forward to the rest. You nailed the uncanny feeling veiled under the comforting ambiance. I don’t know where you plan to take the story but regardless of the journey I hope it at least has a route that lets us reach a good ending with the MC and abigail. Goes to show how much I got attached to them.


Well, this is an interesting WIP. I can’t wait to see more from it. :grin:

Also, I originally thought that the attunement stat determine how obedient and submissive you are toward your husband/wife, but after seeing their positive reaction when you think negatively of animal breeder or consumer, it seems that there’s more to it than what I thought. Maybe it determine how close you are to the idealized image of you that the husband/wife have. I guess anything is possible at this point. :sweat_smile:


I really enjoyed the story! I can’t wait for an update. I liked how the details about the MC’s old life came seamlessly and naturally and it didn’t at all feel like an info dump. It was a great read so far. Good luck!


You lean back against his chest and he rests his chin on your head, nuzzling against your wavy strawberry blond hair.

Anthony’s reaction to a much shorter MC is so cute!:hugs:

I am going to have three different MCs, one the same height as Anthony, one much taller and one much shorter.:crazy_face: maybe five?

Can’t believe the height differences also has replayablity…


For now, I can reply with nothing but a devious, if slightly nervous smile.

This particular praise almost moves me to tears :’)

I’m glad I included the variable xD


Hm… You’ll catch on :wink:


loving what you have so far, but i gotta say i do not trust mc’s spouse in the slightest.


We will see…:smiling_imp:

With an amnesia MC, everything could be a lie.:shushing_face:


I tried the demo and I love how things are right now. I got a creepy and unsettling vibe while playing, like something wasn’t quite right. Can’t wait to see where this goes!