Adult Works In Progress Update Thread



Since Adult games are not readily visible by most users, this is a thread to keep people aware of the ongoing work with Adult WiPs. To read these WiPs, you’ll have to create an account and join the Adult Readers group if you haven’t already.

Ongoing Adult WiPs included here:

Name Author Content Warnings Last Update
Metaoia @ClamoribusRogamina Sadistic Violence Feb 19
Become Mortal @Tevin Explicit Sex, Sadistic Violence Feb 18
Til Death Do Us Part @will Explicit Sex Feb 7
Witchwood (Supernatural Dating Sim) @Babisko Explicit Sex Jan 5
A Stern Hand @Tool Explicit Sex Jan 3
Good Intentions @Joshua_Koch Sadistic Violence, Explicit Sex Dec 8
Through Broken Lenses @Interestedparty Violence Against Children Nov 18
Blood Hunter @InterestedParty Sadistic Violence Nov 1
Bright Eyes, Black Blood @Leda Rape, Violence Against Children, Sadistic Violence Sep 28
The Price of Freedom: Innocence Lost @Avery_Moore Violence Against Children, Sexual Violence Apr 18

NOTE: Read the below post, carefully, before updating this thread. Adding incorrect information about your game here may result in its thread being locked regardless of its location.

The negativity behind an ADULT CONTENT rating
Really Long Journey[The name is work in progress] looking for beta testers
  1. The above post is only for games that are strictly adult content. If your game has a secondary adult content thread but also has a main thread (as noted in the Adult Readers group, it should not be included in this list.
  2. If you plan on including such content in your game, it is not strictly required but is strongly recommended you move your thread to the appropriate section ahead of time to prevent confusion. It is reasonable for a moderator or community leader to move your thread if you state you plan on including such content.
  3. Games should use this template to add their work to the table:
    | [Game Name](link to your forum thread) | @author | Content Warnings | Last Update Date |
  4. Games must include one or more of these content warnings:
    Explicit Sex: This means any specific mention of genitals, penetration, or sexual bodily fluids.
    Rape: This means any non-consensual sexual relations, including rape by coercion or deception.
    Sexual Violence: This means any non-consensual sexual contact, or threats thereof.
    Violence Against Children: This means any violence against children other than limited physical discipline, including indirect violence, such as extreme verbal abuse or neglect.
    Violence Against Disabled: This means any violence against disabled people who are unable to defend themselves, including indirect violence, such as extreme verbal abuse or neglect.
    Torture: This means any use of torture, such as violence against restrained individuals, regardless of the reason.
    Sadistic Violence: This means any prolonged violence, or violence explored in significant detail for the purpose of titillation or enjoyment.
  5. To avoid confusion on rules, games should not include any other content warnings in this post (further content warnings on the WiP thread itself may be appropriate, but are generally at the author’s discretion).
  6. If you want to discuss other content warnings to be included on this list, or have rules questions, email this CoG employee: @RETowers
  7. Games should use this format in the Last Update section: Mon ## to reduce overflow problems. Years should be marked out with this format: |||| _20XX_ | and inserted where appropriate.
  8. Games should be sorted by the last time updated, with most recently updated at the top of the list.
  9. This thread is only for announcing updates, not discussing games. If you’re commenting on something, post directly on a WiP’s thread rather than here.
  10. This is a wiki post. Any user can edit this post by clicking the pencil/pad icon in either the bottom right, or top right of this post. (It’s okay to update this if you’re not the author, but make sure to read the above rules carefully before doing so. Failure to do so may result in a suspension.)
  11. If you’re updating your game, it’s appropriate a make a post here with a link to your game. If you’re commenting on a game, please comment directly on that game’s thread as linked.

The negativity behind an ADULT CONTENT rating