Adult Works In Progress Update Thread



Since Adult games are not readily visible by most users, this is a thread to keep people aware of the ongoing work with Adult WiPs. To read these WiPs, you’ll have to create an account and join the Adult Readers group if you haven’t already.

Ongoing Adult WiPs included here:

Name Author Content Warnings Last Updated
A Stern Hand @Tool BDSM January 3rd
Become Mortal @Tevin Explicit Sex, Extreme Violence January 16th
Through Broken Lenses @Interestedparty Child Soldiers November 18th
Bright Eyes, Black Blood @Leda Rape, Slavery, Child Abuse, Self Harm September 28th
Til Death Do Us Part @will Sexual Content January 7th, 2019
Witchwood (Supernatural Dating Sim) @Babisko Sexual Content January 5th, 2019
The Price of Freedom: Innocence Lost @Avery_Moore Slavery, Child Abuse, Physical and Emotional Abuse, Sexual Abuse, Racism, Sexism April 18th
Blood Hunter @InterestedParty Extreme Violence November 1, 2018

If you have your own Adult WiP, feel free to add your game to this list, and when you update, post a link here back to your thread.

Note: This thread is only for announcing updates, not discussing games. If you’re commenting on something, please post directly on a WiP’s thread rather than here.

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Notes on updating this thread:

Games should use this template to add their work to the table:

| [Game Name](link to your forum thread) | @author | Content Warnings | Last Update Date |

When updating:

  1. Post a link to your thread (either your latest post, or the top of your thread).
    a. Please don’t include any any descriptions that would itself require being in the Adult Content category.
    b. It’s acceptable to link directly to your game in these posts if you want.
  2. Move your game on the table to the top (right underneath the |---| section).
    a. Note that there cannot be any empty lines breaking the table.
    b. Remember to update the “Last Updated” column.
    c. If there are any new Content Warnings, please add them.


There should be one more WiP listed here

Let me see if I can find it real fast

The WiP in question was originally made in the adult section and was not one that needed moving.

Edit: @RETowers - This WiP Bright Eyes, Black Blood (Updated 8/13/18) is one that should be in the adult section … I had thought it was opened in this area originally but I guess I was wrong.


So far, this game is very well done, despite the potential pitfalls that lay ahead.



Throws hand up in air Oh, me too sir! Pick me!

The Price of Freedom: Innocence Lost


Warning: Extreme Violence, Strong Language, Slavery, Child Abuse, Physical and Emotional Abuse, Sexual Abuse, Racism, Sexism

Last Update: April 18th


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What makes it idiotic? :thinking:


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The Adult Works category didn’t lead to MMM being dropped, it was something else entirely. It’s a pretty sensitive topic on here though so I’d advise you at least read the threads related to it rather than bring it back up :man_shrugging:


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While I do kind of agree with you generater, talking about it here is not really what the thread is for (at least I think that it isn’t the purpose of the thread.) I admit that I wish people stopped trying to censor author’s and I wished authors stopped trying to self censor (cough removing NO path from United we Stand). But the Adult category is not a bad thing and it should in theory allow authors to add more controversial things to their games.


Am not generator but i still want to answer. I agree with what you have said and i think as long as the adult thingy leads to authors being allowed to be uncensored and as violent or sexual as they want it could be ok. But i fear they will still be censored. But personally i agree with generator that it should be opt-out not opt in or users should be asked at account creation whether they want to see such Content or not.
But as you said not sure this is the right place for this discussion so if it is wrong here a mod can move it or something please.


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Curious, should my other game Blood Hunter be included?

It doesn’t have a single swear word, and the sexual themes are toned down.
On the other hand, I did make it a personal challenge to make it as bloody, gory, and hyperviolent as possible. To gratuitous and outlandish degrees.
Is hyperviolent blood and gore enough to warrant content warnings?


“To be explicit, we consider any significant child abuse, explicit sex, depiction of rape, or descriptions of sadistic violence to be mature content. Games which contain these or similar topics should only be posted in the Adult Content categories.”

So, yes, a game which is “as bloody, gory, and hyperviolent as possible” should, according to the guidelines, be in the Adult Content category.


hm. with @Gower’s clarification, I still wonder if Blood Hunter counts. It’s ultraviolent, but is it sadistic violence? I’d argue no unless the last written feeding scene counts.


What do you guys think about adding SoS: The Mortal Coil to the list? Those sex scenes man… :fire:


I think it has already been added into the adult section. The link is just yet to be affixed in this thread.