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Through Broken Lenses Dashingdon consept1

To sum up the story in a single sentence: Traumatized child soldier becomes a high school student.
If that doesn’t appeal to you then you can probably ignore the rest of this post

The story follows a kid from overseas that was born in a warzone. Early in your life, you were taken in by a PMC that dealt in terrorism for hire and trained you to be a soldier. This was your childhood. A few years later and a mission in the United States goes bad, you get captured and interrogated, but the agent responsible for stopping you decides to give you a chance at a regular life with the condition that you have someone watching over you. Thus the story begins and you’re getting ready for your first day of school; backpack, pencils, extra pencils, notebooks, extra notebooks, 9mm pistol- no wait, your new guardian is telling you to leave that at home. Well at least you have your emergency switchblade- no, can’t have that either. No problem, you could easily kill anyone who messes with you with your bare hands; oh crap, turns out you aren’t supposed to gouge out people’s eyes when they try to bully you. And shoving a gun in someone’s head is apparently not how you’re supposed to react when they ask to take you out. And now those girls are snickering at you; are they planning to assassinate you? High school might be harder than you thought it would be.
At the start of the game, pretty much all your skills are maxed out. You are a complete badass; martial arts, firearms, explosives, tactics, stealth, and reflexes are all maxed out. In a battlefield you are unstoppable; the problem is that you’re in High School now, not a battlefield, and those skills are only going to get you in trouble if you don’t get them down (see the above examples). The only way to get a happy ending is to forget most of those skills you’ve learned from your childhood; but if you forget them too well, you won’t be able to survive to see your happy ending when your childhood catches up to you. The player needs to learn to balance trying to adjust to their new life and retaining the skills necessary to defend it; too much in either direction and you’ll probably not like the outcome.

(Art by @Curious_Boy)

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Well, @Interestedparty, usually when someone wants to make a game, they have a plot in mind already. So chances are this game won’t be made. BUT, there IS a loophole in the undetermined laws of chance that could make this game a certainty! That is, you, the brilliant mind who thought up this brilliant story, make the game yourself, using the ‘make your own game’ page on the site and this forum to assist you with any problems you come across. Then, you’re lovely game about child soldiers and high-schools (can’t decide which is worse in the real world) would come into existence, AND all the credit would be yours for the taking. Woo hoo! Win-win!


Ha, ha. Love that explanation. :smile:

Since this is @Interestedparty’s idea, you’d have more drive to make it into a game. I find that I have one demo based on someone else’s idea at about 7 words total, and one I’ve begun making with my ideas at about 7-8k.


I decided to take the advice of the only people who decided to advise me and just work on this myself in my spare time (however brief that will be in coming years)

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You could always edit the 1st post and let it double as a thread for your wip


@Interestedparty if you want I can change the name and location of this thread just reply if you want me to


If rather not post anything until I have at least the first chapter in a beta phase


Just gone ahead and changed the title and category – we’ve had enough new threads called “idea for game” lately.

@Interestedparty, if it takes you longer than the time limit for editing thread first-posts to write the first chapter, just forward me whatever you’d like the text to be and I’ll paste it in.


Sounds like Fruit of Grisaia. Or Full Metal Panic(kinda)


Hey. As long as I’m able as a lady soldier kid, I would say that this is a really cool idea.
But, having other characters that are badass like the MC would be a good move
Like a leader of a gang that the MC takes his/her seat in the first day and their goonies tell them about the MC having a fight and hospitalized some of them so they try killing them … Yeah, that would be the best first day at high school XD


This sounds pretty cool


This seams really interesting hope someone dose do this


*seems *does Unless you’re talking about some sort of sewing enhancement drug. Ha


I’m dyslexic so can’t spell well


Interesting I’ll give it a try as long as its not gender locked


Good luck with it !
It reminds me a little of MGSV, with the children soldier, and I find the theme really interesting^^


I read the idea I get idea your trying to make it serious (especially with MGS TPP still being on peoples minds) but I read the desciption and I thought
Full Metal Panic only without the mecha and harem elements. Think joking i’m go watch that series if you haven’t already and watch a certified bad ass make a fool of himself at a japanese high school
It actually astounds me that no has thought of doing this using CS yet


This sounds like my type of game, we get to play as a (teenager?) And they’re sort of a broken person, which is my favourite type of protagonist.


souds like a good idea


I updated the thread to give everyone an idea of where things are right now, and to let anyone who is interested know that this is being worked on