What would I need to do to make a sfw thread for my game?

My apologies if this isn’t kosher to ask, still trying to get used to this site again after a long time away from it. Feel free to delete it or re-categorize it if I misunderstood the guidelines :slight_smile:

What would I need to do to make a sfw WIP thread for my game? My game currently has people who mention sex (although I can pretty easily make that a bit more euphemistic) and non-explicit sex scenes, as well as non-gore intensive violence, and death. The player in the game can always refuse to have sex. My goal is not to create an “adult” game, or one with violence for the sake of violence. Rather, because I am working with adapting myths that are more adult, adult topics are hard to completely avoid.

In order to make a sfw works in progress thread what would I need to change about my game, or about the thread?


Hi there @TheMorrigan!

I just took a look through your WIP thread. I’m not seeing the adult discussion you mentioned (unless I’m blind and it’s right in front of me hshshs), so I don’t see why it can’t be moved out of thr adult section. I haven’t had the chance to play through your game so I can’t say for certain what is in your game that needs to be changed, but what I can tell you is that to maintain a SFW thread and game, especially with such a adult themes, is to just try and keep in mind how young some of our users tend to be. Many are in their mid teens, and some skew even younger. This usually means we discourage explicit description or discussion of sex or violence.

Where things start and end is difficult to articulate in detail, but a good rule of thumb is to just pretend that everything you’re writing is going to be consumed by someone as young as 13, so scale certain concepts appropriately.


Thank you so much! I guess I was just trying to abundantly cautious. But all things being equal I would like to put it in the general WIP category, and I absolutely will maintain a SFW thread :slight_smile:


At the moment, I agree with Rose, as I don’t see any particular need for any changes to your game for it to be SFW, as it sounds PG-13 to me.

What you might do, if you’re really unsure, is give the players a choice of whether they wish to see explicit content or not, but for your public WIP thread, you disable this option in the code so the demo has no (visible) explicit content. (Code divers could still get to it, though.) Then, you could go and make a separate thread for your game in the adult content section where you enable the explicit content choice in the demo posted there.

(I hope that made sense!)

I don’t think the mention of sex automatically makes a demo NSFW, nor does garden-variety violence and death. My impressive of the game, going by your description, is that it’s no more inappropriate than the games COG has published through their official Choice of Games line.


Okiedokie, your topic had been moved.

I will be keeping a close eye on your thread to make sure everything is on the up and up, and I encourage yourself and frequent users to flag liberally in order to maintain a SFW environment.

And if you find that adult themes in your game are becoming stronger, we can always move your thread back if necessary.


@rose-court @Fawkes Thank you for the added clarity, much appreciated!


Oh, that’s not a bad idea.
I might steal this, shshsh.

What I usually suggest for authors writing adult works is to keep a SFW thread either for announcements but no direct links to anything containing adult material, besides a link to the adult demo thread. The need to opt-in to the adult readers group is a sufficient enough filter, I think, to let that link slide. But this neatly sidesteps that issue to allow direct demo links.

It still runs the risk of splitting discussion between two separate threads, but this is a very, very good suggestion! Hmm, yes, I will definitely be stealing this.


My thinking is the SFW thread stays as the primary thread for most discussions, while the NSFW can be focused on discussion of the NSFW content. Inevitably there’s going to be split discussions so moderation by the author would likely be required to keep people on topic wrt the NSFW thread, but in the end, I think it’s the better option than having a SFW thread with no demo link and thus little discussion.

It probably requires more work – definitely requires more work in terms of coding if you hadn’t planned on an explicit content toggle — but it’s the solution I personally find the most appealing!


I know what this means, but I’m just imagining a murder mystery set in a garden where all the characters are vegetables, and now I’m going to muse over that concept for the rest of the day. :joy:


Is the culprit a rabbit?


I can’t help but find it deliciously ironic that the topic under discussion is whether something is SFW or safe for work and thus will protect the underage kiddies :rabbit:

And yes, I realize that SFW/NSFW are standard internet terms, but it does bring to mind just how infantilizing most workplaces are for the term to even have been developed.

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