I Have a Legitimate Question

If I label a thread in off-topic “Adults Only,” can I talk about perverted stuff? Like, I’m not talking about posting pictures of an erotic nature, or just flat out posting graphic descriptions of sex, but like talk about stuff that you wouldn’t want kids to see. Like, could I ask the question, “When did you start watching porn?” Or, “What’s your preferred breast size?”

I am a serious as a dolphin who happens to be serious right now.

I don’t think that’s really a desirable avenue of discussion. There are plenty of other places on the internet for that.

Well, dang it. I guess I’ll have to settle for subtle innuendos instead.

From past games, there was only one of them but adult content hasn’t done extremely well on this website. I am not sure how the game was, well because i never really tried the link but the comments weren’t really in favor of it.

No. This is not the place for an explicit discussion of sex.

If you want to have an explicit discussion of sex, find a different message board. You can link to that from here, but we talk about game design and the writing process here.

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you forgot to mention the friendly conversations about how well liked some games were.