Question about what isn't allowed in our games

asking because i saw that samurai of hygaa had a mature content rating at the beginning and you were forced to kill a fish, i ask why? the shin megami tensei games are alot uber messed up then this and they only get t-ratings. what would content that wouldn’t be allowed when i make my game cause i wanna know my restrictions rather than going all out.

Also lots of innuendo, prostitution and gruesome violence and if you think the first one’s bad try reading in number 2 it gets very rapey without actually involving rape.

what about slaves? or one slave? how much implications can i put in it?

There is an entire game being made about being a viking slave…

As long as you age restrict it appropriately I reckon it’ll be fine

it’s sorta like that but the person i’m writing is a single slave who gets used by someone but can’t leave cause they have nowhere eles to go and theyr used to this persona so much that anything eles would shatter thire bulletproff glass of a psyche, it’s just a side character tho soooooo…

No gratuitous sex or violence, but if it’s part of the story then sex and/or violence is okay. It’ll all be noted in the ratings.

My stories have plenty of sex and violence, but it’s almost cartoonish in how it’s written.