Dark,Atmospheric game

Hi guys, I would like to learn something about the system. Is it allowed to use swearing, light drug reference and gore in games ? Thank you.

You are allowed to use all of those, but if you go really dark (i.e really graphic gore, explicit sex, etc.) you should put an 18+ warning at the start of your game. Swearing is okay though (for Hosted Games at least, all the CoG seem to have fake curses), and as far as I know drugs are completely fine.

I think Life of Mobster was delayed because of the crime and drugs content, but ultimately it was released.

It was delayed because of crime and drug content in the screenshots, not due to its presence in the game itself.

Looking forward to your game, my friend. I love this site, but it needs darker games.

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Thanks for repsonding guys :slight_smile:

What’s the name of the game also can we have a link?

I think a few of the official titles use “adult” language. Mecha Ace and The ORPHEUS Ruse come to mind; they said “shit” and probably a few other cuss words.

@StarWarsMaster We just made the story roads and we are doing charachters in game right now. After that we will start writing. We still didn’t give a name to our game and I think we will give that when we are finished it :slight_smile: