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In my first attempt at making a hosted game, my aim is to make it as personable and realistic as possible and was curious as to where the line for “deeply offensive” content was drawn. Was hoping/considering implementing drinking and or mild “drug” use and their negative effects on the character. Think the scene in the popular game Sorcery! where the character has the choice to indulge in a puff off of some elves (I believe) hookah pipe. Nothing too graphic like poking a needle in their arm and not really mandatory to my story outline but I feel like it could improve realism and create options, while on the other hand I wouldn’t want to put unsavory content into the hands of minors, even though I remember reading about stuff like that in middle school. “Go ask Alice” I think was the name of the book or something like that, we read it in health/sex ed class and it had some fairly uncomfortable scenes in it.

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“Deeply offensive” is not spelled out anywhere, because any definition would probably be insufficient, too ambiguous, or too restrictive to be useful. You have to see stuff on the page to know.

However, drinking and mild drug use has certainly been depicted in these games, and I would imagine what you describe would be perfectly fine.

However, I believe it is iOS that can be finicky about depicting smoking and drinking depending on the highly opaque rating system they use. So you may get an OK from Hosted Games, but then a platform could cause problems.


Right, so pretty much keep it mild and see what happens. From what i’ve read so far on the introduction sites for developing games The ‘Choice of games’ label is more open to adult-ish content than the ‘Hosted games’ label. Choice of rebels was a great read, definitely hope a sequel is in the works. Im going to have to figure this forum business out as well, cant figure out how to create gaps between “paragraphs” like you did in your reply. Hitting enter just submits it and the tab key does nothing. Smh Thank you for the quick reply though. :v:

Try [Shift + Enter] instead. It’s always one or the other.


Well, for some people such things are offensive. I mean, if a person is ex-addicted or smth else. There was a situation when my friend who was drug-addicted and was on treatment at addictionresource rehab center, couldn;t play such games. I don’t really know why, but I suppose people feel uncomfortable and anxious.