So is the profanity in this game I created okay?


So a while ago I was screwing around and made a tiny little incomplete game where the villain is basically not a nice person who swears a lot. Kind of like one of those kids you’d find on Call of Duty or something. Is it too much for CoG or is it perfectly fine?

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If you want this to become a Hosted Game you might want to tone it down a bit. I think CoG has reserved the right to reject things that ‘cross the line’ a bit too much. If you don’t want to publish it, then it’s perfectly fine.

The bigger issue is that your game seems to forget that you gave them the choice to be a boy or a girl - it says ‘he’s’ regardless of the choice.


@Crotale Ah, thanks. Good to know not to make characters like that then. Thanks for the pronoun problem too.


Well, if you want a character who’s swearing a lot but still avoid censure, you could just get creative - think Captain Haddock, for example :smile:


Just go for the Shadowrun option.

“Frakkin’ drekheads!”


Yeah definitely tone it down. Some people will find the language you use offensive and so it might turn away some readers. From my point of view I don’t really see the need for the excessive bad language; there are other ways to make a villain more dislikeable than having every thing they shout out being obscene language.

-Just a few thought from your friendly forum poster Ryse


Can you elaborate. I don’t know who that is, sorry.


I say, if it makes sense for the character, go with it. There are a lot of people who swear like sailors. If that’s what the character is supposed to be like, there’s nothing wrong with it.

It’s true that it might turn some readers away, though, and it likely won’t get hosted by CoG with too much language, so it’s up to you.


@OtherGrimm Yeah, if I do decide to continue it I’ll just submit it in the forums for everyone.


Captain Haddock’s one of the more well-known characters from the comic ‘Tintin’, well-known for his unique assortment of curses and swearwords. Just do a google search on ‘captain haddock curses’ and you should be able to find and see some examples…

jacklyn044’s suggestion is good though; Warhammer 40000 is another example of similar usage of words, like ‘Frak it’ ‘Frakking great’ and so forth…


@DarkSpeck Oh yeah, I do know him! Only from the movie though. Dude drank a lot. Thanks for the advice.


No problem :slight_smile: . A reason I mentioned him is that Hergé - the creator of Tintin - was (or so I’ve read) in the much the same dilema as you; he wanted a character that’d swear a lot, but that would not have gone past the censors, so his solution was to have Haddock swear in a rather unique way, which turned out to be a hit with the readers :smile: . Anyway, that’s one solution you could consider going for…


Swearing is not a big problem. Maybe you could add an option near the beginning to “show profanity” or tone it down?


@Sashira Whoa, that’s actually a pretty good idea. I could do an if statement to make certain words into kid friendly versions of themselves if the player selects the censored version.


Or rather than if statements, could you possibly use variables for individual swear words? Then you could set them to profanity or the corresponding euphemism at the beginning and just use the variables, rather than having to write in so many conditionals throughout.


@Fiogan That sounds much better. I’ll have to learn how to do that.


You may find these pages useful, if you haven’t already read them:


@Crotale Ah thanks, yeah I’ve already found those.


In my opinion he isn’t swearing at all, come to Balkans and you’ll hear what is swearing.


I am thinking of making a game where at one point of the game you may get interrogated by two police doing the usual good cop bad cop routine would it be acceptable to have the bad cop swearing?