Use of (possible) offensive language


I am currently working on a game, just like everyone else who just discovered the site.

So far I got about 15k words in (but no title of course :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: ). But I was wondering about possible offensive language. Couldn’t really find anything about it. Might be my lack of looking (did look, but gave up, I’m lazy like that :smiley: )

So, I use no creative religious phrases, but do use a few words like idiot, bastard or asshole etc.

Think of something like,

You must have fallen asleep because you are suddenly woken up by Prisca as she slams the door while swearing like a sailor. The kind girl you met earlier seems to have disappeared. You wonder what could have caused this sudden mood swing, but you aren’t left wondering for very long as she comes over to you and starts ranting.

“That stupid jerk, who does that idiot think he is.” Seeing you confused she quickly tells you about Vitus, the recruit next door.

“First he acts like he is so amazing and any girl should be lucky to have someone like him. Ha, even the blind can see he’s a worthless asshole. So he finally gets that I’m not interested in him and he start preaching that women shouldn’t be in the legion, we wouldn’t have the skill.”

“Not the skill, ha. I’m going to mess him up. I’m a better tracker then anyone I know, male or female. But does he care, no of course not. So the two of us are going to proof him wrong tomorrow.”

Well, thanks for reading and hope to hear from someone.

At the very least I know Mark’s opinion because of this message.

“Let us swear while we may, for in heaven it will not be allowed” Mark Twain


I can’t see those sort of words being a problem.


Thanks for your reaction (and positive answer).

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Listen to any of the conversations on the forum. We don’t mind swearing at all. Many of the games have some clever use of profanity as well (though the F-word is rarely employed).

If you think “idiot” is a swear word, you’re fine :smile:

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I don’t mind the use of these swearwords, and I’ve seen them and even more severe insults in many games and WIPs. In fact, not using them at all in a situation where most real people do would look strange.

This may be a bit off topic, but could you tell more about your game in a new thread?

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Good to know! I’m a newcomer to the forums and have been trying to throw asterisks in whenever I swear… I somehow thought that since they were for ages 14 and up, it wouldn’t be allowed.

I used to not like them, but I’ve become accustomed to words like slugger in Heroes, to use instead of the more mature swearing words.

I admit that I’m aiming for a more realistic tone of dialogue so I use (warning curse words ahead!) sht and btch and maybe even the f-word a few times

However if folks in beta, or if the folks at CoG, think that those words should be removed, or if I get any inkling that the platforms will object to the language, I’ll tone it down substantially. I don’t view it as a hill worth dying on.


Well, I posted a short demo today under the name The 6th legion. Hope you like it.