Can I make my game rated M 17+ nstead of rated T?

The question pretty much saids it all. If I can are there any rules that need to be brought up if I do? Why I ask is most of the choice of games games I play are usually rated T 13+.

I’m pretty sure you can.

Oh okay, I was just asking if I could. Will I have to put like a warning in the beginning of the story??

Check out Samurai of Hyuga. It has a rating of 18+ (in Europe at least). But I saw that there are some warnings inside the game. There’s even a point where you need to choose whether you want to kill a fish or not, and if you choose not to, the game tells you that the game’s going to be really violent, and that if you’re not okay with that you shouldn’t play anymore.

I don’t know if it’s required to put the warnings, though.

If you’re just making the game free, go for it. We don’t ban content on the forums out of hand (although if the content of a game is particularly controversial we will close a thread, you can PM me or one of the other mods about that).

If you’re making it to sell through Hosted Games, to my understanding you’ll hit various platform’s limits (e.g. Apple bans pretty much all sexual content) long before CoGs.

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Linking to Games with Adult Content

We generally recommend against posting links to obscene or sexually
explicit content, but we generally allow links to interactive-fiction
games that include such content, as long as they are clearly marked as
“adult only.”

This includes games with intense horror themes, graphic descriptions
of violence, explicit sexual content/erotica, or rape (explicit or
implied). Use your best judgment.

If any discussion about adult-only games becomes offensive, the
moderators reserve the right to censor the objectionable posts and close
or remove the thread.

Minors: If you are a minor, you should not follow links that are
explicitly marked as “adult”. If you do follow those links, we take no
responsibility for what you find there. Furthermore, if you are a minor,
and you tell us that you are a minor, and you post in a thread
explicitly marked as “adult”, we will censor your posts.

From the rules section, as always when in doubt pm a moderator.

Swearing won’t create problems on the app stores? I imagine the violence in my project won’t be an issue.

I do reference strippers once (I’m only early in the project), because it is the job of a character, but so far there is no nudity and well, I’m going for a gritty/grimy/realistic setting. If it is referenced, it will be brief and mentioned only in passing should the character’s workplace be visited. There is no sex either, nor will there be.

I figured I should ask this now, as it’s best to do so before getting too far into the project. And I could easily change the stripper part to ‘dancer’, I guess, or maybe even to a waitress/bartender. That would, however, likely mean I’m going to have to strip one branching point. I’m not really the type that likes to censor things though. :wink:

I’m probably worrying unnecessarily as well, unless The Wolf Among Us was censored for app stores? Regardless, it definitely won’t be worse than that and should in fact be tamer in terms of violence. Swearing is debatable, but I think it’ll only hit in places. At least so far anyway.

But it’s just that I’ve heard how funny Apple can be . . . and I must admit my personal thoughts are I’d rather not write something if I’d have to censor it because I wouldn’t be true to the project. Basically, the stripper part can be taken out without much harm, I believe, but the violence and swearing is quite integral as are other elements such as alcoholism (the reader doesn’t have to drink however).

(To be honest, I’m tempted to just throw it up as a WiP earlier than I intended and make it clear that it’s rough around the edges, as I guess the best way to know if it’ll be fine is if people actually read said project rather than guessing)

@DavidGil Apple have been often iffy about these things from what I have seen so far, however your content doesn’t seem too over the rails. But I think as long as you specify the rating and warn readers that there is some reference to explicit nature then you’ll be fine. Good luck with your project!

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I’m very much a newbie when it comes to app stores and publishing, so yeah . . . a bit unsure of what’s safe and what’s not, whereas you’re pretty much safe with any traditional stories that are self-published on Amazon. Would hate to waste my time on something that won’t be approved.

Glad to hear that you think it’ll be okay with a warning though. Thanks for the well wishes.

CCH has drug use (including sex while taking drugs) implied use of a unicorn horn during undefined sex acts and a few drops of the F word. I didn’t hear of any Apple problems.


CCH has what! ? ! ? I missed a LOT of that game!


Yep it’s all in there. You can probably guess who’s involved in the unicorn horn scene, and DG does like her some drugs. Crook does much of the cussing and in the current draft of Issue 5, he drops the F bomb in the first few pages.

Im sure its fine, if you clearly state that it is adult themed.

Three quarters of the romances in CCH are sex freaks basically.

As long as you mention it had adult content, it should be fine. Pornographic material is a massive no-no however. You must be careful how you write your romance scenes.