Will PG-14 Materials - with warning in the beginning (Mild Violence) be allowed?

I’m an action writer and is currently writing a dystopian, part post-apocalyptic game with quite a lot of sensitive details including mass casualties, civilian killings,… And all the works. I do try to tone it down a few bit but I also want it to be as realistic as possible - war isnt something you can convey easily. I do plan to make a warning note about all of the details at the beginning to ward off some of the people looking for light reads.

But I’m puzzled altogether and would actually be pretty stupid if I went all the length to write it and got rejected by only that, so…

Would it be allowed? Thanks.

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As long as you add appropriate warnings most things are allowed, around here, at least. If you want to get your game published some publishing companies might act up a bit. (Especially Apple.)

There are already published games with an 18+ rating, so unless you glorify things like sexual violence you shouldn’t have all that many problems.


Thank you!:innocent: That is a relief.