Indirect Sexual content?

I mean it. In every story about kingdoms and princes, there must be one sibling of yours who does nothing but “hit it in the grotto” to express just how corrupt and failure the kingdom and its policies are.

So now I wanted to do it and everything is indirect. One sibling of the main character is literally raping a girl but you cannot determine it as you turned your back while talking to him and could not withstand the hideous scene. For everything written was in 2nd person ("you"ing intensifies), “you” can only hear sounds, but not the actual graphical content. So is it possible for us to write so? In “Welcome to Moreytown”, the “scenes” simply stop right before the characters actually “do it” (David is my bae :heart: Don’t stop!!! :wink: ). In “Zombie Exodus”, when Mindy “does it” with you, there was some touching before you vomit on the floor (hope that did not trigger those I-must-not-be-exposed-to-any-spoilers kind of people). Can I emulate them and do so?

It is totally OK for you guys to say that it is not OK. CoG strictly prohibits sexual content and I understand that. :smile: I’m just curious if I can land on the delicate “grey zone”.


Prodigal has a whip that’s all I’m saying


Not sure what to say. I find most sex boring.

I’m all for dirty ultra suggestive content though.

Guenevere has a mutual masturbation scene in bondage written about Morgana and Gwen but it’s completely tasteful.


I don’t think sexual content is a big problem, as long as you’re clear that it’s an adult game with adult content. Non consensual sexual content however, now that is touching on a rather delicate subject. I don’t think we ban it outright, but it’s something you should definitely approach with an elevated level of reservation, respect and maturity.


There is a gladiator game wip that I think depicts rape. But you’re a slave on a boat and literally cannot do anything about it. You could check it out. There is a grey zone with sex, but rape is has a very thin area. Especially if you force the mc to do nothing. There are lots of other ways to show corruption sexually. Like someone offering a lower status person sex in exchange for a position, power, and they could not even follow through with the deal. You could look at the things Harvey weinstein besides rape for extra ideas. But it’s your game and I’ll still check it out if you do a WIP.


If you force the MC do to do nothing it’s a YOA not a CYOA. In my opinion


Guenevere had some nice grey area romance scenes.

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Guenevere x Morgana is my ship.


Title? 20 characters

You mean “Guenevere” ? Or do you mean the games with rape in it? There’s pedophilia and rape in “The lost heir of Daria” book… I wanna say 2? Might be one. The one with the jailer.

I never read the heir books. Would you recommend ?

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It’s pretty dark but awesome and you can use magic to have a baby if you’re playing a lesbian MC .

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in Guenevere ??? when I asked…she said nooo…


I love dark. I’ll give it a once over and get back to you

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Did not expect so many replies in such a small amount of time (just finished writing and it’s 2:30am, yet I have classes tmr 10:30 am :laughing: ) . I will check Guenevere out for sure if the content is so wonderful as you have spoken. After careful consideration, I decided that you can actually stop the rape if your initial stats are high enough (still facing back of course). Thank you guys for all of your help! Big hugs to you all!!! :heart: :heart:

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I basically spent every possible moment with her sent her sealed letters talked to her in my room and then later on the boat if you loop your arms over her head you get the scene

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ohhhhh didn’t know! I though

you were talking about that scene where you ask her directly . Thank you!

Now go find the boat scene and report back :slight_smile:

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haha how did you know ? I’m getting there…